Our Story | 24 Years

Angela Wagenti prides herself on connecting business people to the digital world by creating an online presence fit to thrive in today’s technological environment.

President and Owner, Angela Wagenti

Angela started her company, Vroooom Technology Inc, in June of 1999. It was a family business from the start. In the beginning days, everyone chipped in to make it all work. She advises that her amazing clients, helpful staff, and the ongoing changes of the Internet World are all factors that have kept her in the industry for close to two decades. As the President and Owner, Angela is responsible for handling the sales, marketing, and client retention on top of overseeing staff and client meetings. She works hard and is determined to provide an atmosphere that enables her company to work to the best of its ability to make each client feel welcomed in the “tech world” and that they are a part of Vweb Team.

Web Services for 24 Years

As technology is constantly evolving, Angela feels that it is imperative for her and her team to learn as much as possible. She enjoys the “challenge of change” and the fact that in this specific industry, one will “never do the same job twice”. She admits that having to gain the necessary knowledge in all positions within the business is important especially when explaining information to a client in terms that they can relate. Vroooom Technology has received many awards over the years. Some of the main ones that rise to the top when the company was awarded in 2008 as one of the top 10 most dependable website developers in the Southern USA, by Entrepreneur Magazine & Delta Airlines SkyMall Magazine.

A Leader In The Industry

With running a successful web company we focus on providing:

  • Customer Service
  • Team Work
  • Strategy
our story

Customer Service

This is one thing that we will not waver on. The office is staffed 9am-5pm, Monday-Thursday and 9am-1pm Friday so that you will always deal with a live person over the phone. We also created a Client Help portal in which our clients can put in a ticket to technical support which will be answered or resolved within 24-72 hours. We will work with you in every possible way to ensure that you are satisfied. Feel free to call us and like us on our Facebook page.

Team Work

We can’t do what we do without you! We value true team collaboration with our clients, meaning that they not only have input at the beginning of your website design to the end of the project but throughout the entire process. Whether that be web design or website development or creating an internet marketing strategy, you will be involved every step of the way. We also bring our talented staff of team members that have a variety of skills in the industry to assist in the process to give our clients the professional business touch they are seeking for every job.


 Our online marketing for SEO/SEM and design team is knowledgeable and experienced in building exactly what you need for your business to prosper. We analyze the Google marketing and industry trends as well as we work with you to target your audience and clientele in order to develop a strategy that we can all follow, start to finish. All within your budget, too!