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Our Story

Angela Sears Wagenti

President & Owner

Meet the marketing professional

Angela Wagenti and her family started the company, Vroooom Technology Inc, in June of 1999. It was a family business from the start. In the beginning days, everyone chipped in to make it all work. Today she advises that her amazing clients, helpful staff, and the ongoing changes of the Internet World are all factors that have kept her in the website industry for close to two decades. As the President and Owner, Angela is responsible for overseeing the direction of the company, day to day operations, client retention on top of overseeing staff and client meetings. She loves the sales and marketing part of the company and has hired staff to take over that department to handle that process. However she feels without her amazing staff the company would not have come as far as it has. She creates a flexible schedule for all of her staff with the focus of family and clients come first. She works hard and is determined to provide an atmosphere that enables her company to work to the best of its ability to make each client feel “Welcomed” in the “Tech World” and that they are a part of Vweb Team during the website design & development stages.

Mike Wagenti

Chief Technology Officer

Meet the marketing professional

Mike Wagenti is the brother-in-law to Angela and partner in the company from the start. Mike has been with the company since the start in June 1999. He oversees and handles all the technical areas of the company such as domain name management, email support, web server support, and website support. He and his team make sure all of the websites for our customers are working correctly in our Hosting Department. He works with our staff on a daily basis with the functionality of each website and makes sure that all websites are optimized properly for loading and displaying our clients information. To keep his creative side going, he will work with staff on some design elements, especially if part of the design supports any of the functionality needed. He manages a handful of our client’s networks either on site and/or remotely. He and his team will also help train clients within the admin of the areas of their website.

25 Years Experience

As a website design and development company we are constantly challenged with the ongoing changes in technology with the evolving in our industry. Angela feels that it is imperative for her and her team to attend online seminars, zoom calls to continue to learn the changes of technology by attending classes and case studies. She enjoys the “challenge of change” and the fact that in this specific website design industry, no one will “never do the same job twice”. She has the ability to multitask and the energy that brings to the firm. She admits that having to gain the necessary knowledge in all positions within the business is important especially when explaining information to a client in terms that they can relate. We want all clients to feel welcomed into our industry. Vroooom Technology has received many awards over the years. Some of the main ones that rise to the top is when the company was awarded as one of the top 10 most dependable website developers in the Southern USA, by Entrepreneur Magazine & Delta Airlines SkyMall Magazine.


Our Focus

As a leader in the industry, we focus on these key aspects to run a successful web company

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