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Vroooom has been serving clients since 1999. Become a part of that history!

our history

Here at Vroooom, we have been able to serve many businesses around the US.  Join our ever-growing history. 


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V’roooom, like so many businesses during the strike of COVID found us faced with a variety of challenges both in business and with how to manage our staff to continue to work. Our day-to-day work environment would be forever changed. As we all struggled to learn and figure out how we were going to survive with this outbreak we also had to try and figure out how we would manage to stay in business and continue to provide for our staff, their families, our clients, our lives as owners and as a business. So many uncertainties and so many unknowns this year have been brought to us all.

V’roooom, would like to knowledge the many losses of clients, friends and businesses who did not make it through this outbreak of Covid. Our Hearts and Prayers go to you all for the loss of your loved ones. 

Once again we have been blessed as a company to manage to ride the “wave” of COVID and make it through all of this remaining in business and would like to send a very special thank you to our business clients and staff for hanging in there with us during this time.

Below are links to information that is shared across the world on what has been gathered over this time of COVID-19.






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Website Launches – 

Woodruff Real Estate Services 

MG Wellness

Medical Connections Inc

Kyark Duck Club

Trillium Capital Resources


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Advisory Cloud – Angela was accepted to become a consultant through Advisory cloud

Reader’s Choice Awards – Vroooom received The Ledger-Enquirer 2019 Readers’ Choice Awards for Favorite Web Designer!

Paws Humane Society – Sponsored local Humane Society for the Annual Barks and Blues Festival.


2020 Best of Columbus Award for Website Designer 

Experties.com’s Top 9 Web Designers


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Growing Room – We partnered with original Growing Room in 2002 to create a single website. The child care giant has since evolved into a franchise consisting of 13 active locations. We are now responsible for the corporate website as well as franchise websites, marketing, and SEO specified by location.


Top 3 Best Website Designer in Columbus GA from threebestrated.com


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Moist Tech Corp – Vroooom won the contract for moist Tech Corp, an international moisture sensor manufacturer in 2018. After building the US website, we were tasked with creating regional international pages to reach not only MoistTechs’s domestic clientele but foreign ones as well. Moist Tech’s headquarters is located in Sarasota, Florida with offices in AU and UK. Aside from building the websites, Vroooom handles all web work, hosting, marketing, and SEO.


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Consolidated Government of Columbus –  Georgia Board Member of the Community Development Advisory Council (CDAC) under City of Columbus appointed by Councilman Glen Davis, representing district 2.


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Women of Distinction Magazine – Selects distinguished professionals in their field to represent monthly magazines. Women of Distinction is a monthly magazine publication dedicated to those that have demonstrated leadership in their fields. 


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Ledger-Enquirer – People’s Choice Designer Voted on by the people of Columbus and surrounding areas for their contributions and accessibility to the local communities. 


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Guinness World Record –  On April 27, 2014, the longest barbeque marathon was achieved by Jan Greeff (USA & South Africa) in association with Char-Broil, LLC. Benefiting the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Vroooom provided a live, round-the-clock feed online for viewers to stream and interact with.

Chattahoochee Valley Libraries –  Vroooom headed the website redesign for Chattahoochee Valley Libraries. We continue to coordinate ongoing projects and promotions, and maintains the SEO.


Membership for the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce.




During this time, Angela Wagenti Vrooooms President and owner underwent two major spine surgeries and is grateful to her Vroooom team and thankful to her clients for remaining with the business through it all.


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Metro Atlant Chamber – Vroooom was recognized and awarded for being a member of the Metro Atlant Chamber. Angela Wagenti was recognized as an honored member of the Cambridge Who’s Who.


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Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce – Angela Wagenti was awarded a certificate for her commitment and service to the Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce by the Board of Directors. 

Cambridge Who’s Who – Angela, founder, and owner of Vroooom was recognized as an Honored Member of the Cambridge who’s who.

Honors Honors awarded to Angela Wagenti from the NAPEW (National Association of Professional & Executive Women, Women of Excellence.


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Georgia Chamber of Commerce Angela Wagenti, recognized for her dedication, hard work, and leadership as Chair of Biddin’ on the Banks by the Columbus, Georgia Chamber of Commerce.


Top 10 Dependable Web Designers of the Southern States by Delta Sky and Entrepreneur Magazines.

Vroooom was voted by Entrepreneur Business Magazine as one of the top 10 full-service web developers in the South East. Shortly after publication, Sky Mall Magazine found the article and published it as part of their ‘high-end’ recommendations. Press Release 


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323 Interactive Purchased 323 Interactive A web Design company with a small firm based out of Atlanta. 323 Interactive was solely purchased for the contract to move Vroooom’s newly acquired international hosting facility to the Atlanta area.

Awards – 

Honors awarded to Angela Wagenti from the NAPEW (National Association of Professional & Executive Women).  Women of Excellence.


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RJS Networking Purchase of RJS NetworkinIn 2006 Vroooom purchased RJS Networking and acquired Thomas Management; an international hosting-only company. This opened the doors to bring in international clientele for the first time. It also allowed Vroooom to expand and enlarge its hosting capability to existing and future clients. 

Chamber of Commerce – Angela Wagenti was recognized by Governor Sonny Perdue and the Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce for her leadership in leading the City of Columbus Georgia to be the 1st city outside of Atlanta, Georgia to receive the completion of the Entrepreneur Friendly Community Certification supported by the State of Georgia.


Angela Wagenti was recognized by the Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce for its business leaders. 

Angela Wagenti was awarded a certificate of completion in the Entrepreneur development certificate program by the University of Georgia. 


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Appreciation and gratitude to Angela Wagenti for her outstanding, selfless service to United Way of the Chattahoochee Valley and the entire community. 

American Cancer Society, Vroooom Technology awarded a certificate for being the Bronze Sponsor.


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Friends of Whinsec appreciated and awarded Vroooom for their emailing services at the Second Annual God Bless Ft. Benning Rally.


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Ledger-Enquirer Web Designer The Ledger Enquirer interviewed 12 different web designers in the area when they decided to stay off the web and in print. Vroooom was selected to take over their website clients.


Awarded a plague from the Greater Columbus Georgia, Chamber of Commerce, thanking her for her support of being a member campaign.


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Awarded for Business outreach services, small business development center by the University of Georgia.


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Carmike Cinemas Vroooom was the full-service website company vendor for Carmike Cinemas, a publicly-traded company, for 15 years. Responsible for designing over 5 corporate new websites, designed Carmike Investors Website, design and help with Carmike Ad’s, did weekly updating to the website; Vweb developed the online logins for all of the district managers to manage their individual show times for each of their theater locations, created database logs for managing the hosting of each of the websites. 


Greater Columbus Distinguished Service award Awarded by the Columbus, Georgia Chamber of Commerce as part of the ‘Small Business Giants’ for outstanding service and support for the community.

Angela Wagenti was awarded for Distinguished Service for the 2001 Membership Golf Outing Chair Angela Wagenti was awarded for Distinguished service as the President’s Council Chairperson. 


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Greater Columbus- Distinguished Service award Awarded by the Columbus, Georgia Chamber of Commerce as part of the ‘Small Business Giants’ for outstanding service and support for the community.  


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Vroooom Open for BusinessThe company was started by the Wagenti family in June of 1999. With independent involvement in entrepreneurship through personal experience, the family collaborated and decided to found a Technology company. At that time the Internet was moving at a very fast pace and no one really knew how big the World Wide Web would become or how it would affect business today.

Tropicana software – Vroooom wrote a vending machine management application to track the inventory process and cost. This helped to hold drivers and vendors accountable. As a result, we acquired several other vendors to repeat the process for, thus kick-starting Vroooom.

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