I Don’t Need a Website

I’m still amazed at the number of businesses that do not have a professional website. It’s hard to understand the mentality, especially considering that upward of 90% of Americans own either a lap top computer, a desk top computer, or a smart phone, 82% of Americans own smart phones, and around 85% of all product and services searches start online. Combine that with the fact that print advertising, house phones, and Yellow Pages are going extinct, and it gets even harder to justify not having a website.

Every business needs a website, and any business that thinks otherwise is missing critical sales opportunities and business exposure.

1. I’m not tech-savvy, and getting a website done intimidates me.

Have no fear. I understand your concern in diving head first into a new venture that you may not fully understand. Not understanding the entire process may leave you feeling vulnerable. VRoooom Web works hard to build a working relationship with each of its clients – ensuring that you understand the entire process, what you’re getting, and how it all works. Our goal is to instill confidence in you, and empower you to successfully run your business online.

2. We only do business locally. A website would not help us.

Size doesn’t matter. If you are selling candles in a local, small town shop, or selling cars for a nationally known dealer… you need a website. With internet access in the hands of nearly every American, even small, locally owned businesses will benefit from having a website. Being a small, locally owned business usually means that your client or customer base is primarily made up of the local community. Have a website allows you to reach people outside of your community, around the city, state, country, and even around the world.

3. I have a small website already. It will do for now.

It’s great that you have taken the first steps to having a business website. It never hurts to have another company go through your site and evaluate any potential areas of improvement. Most business will do a free quick review of your site and let you know where it needs work, and how it can be improved.

4. I wish I had a website, but they probably cost too much.

You should never sweep an idea or dream under the rug without fully exploring it. Websites are relatively cheap these days, and most companies will work with you in establishing a payment system to help fit your business budget. While it is always best to include all of the features possible in your website design, consider that a website is a dynamic, moving structure, and you can usually add on to it as you go. This will spare you from having to do everything at one time if you absolutely cannot meet the expense.

5. I’m not sure that a company website is worth the investment.

Having a website is the only way to virtually keep the doors to your business open 365/24/7. Not having a website also limits your user base. Think of how many people shop on their computers late at night, or work second or third shift jobs, or prefer to just stay at home to research the items they buy before heading to the store. You’re missing them all without a website. Also consider the fact that you don’t have to pay a working employee to stand by, open or close your website every day. It’s always open, and at a fraction of the cost that you would be paying an employee at all hours of the night and on holidays.

6. Websites are a pain to maintain, and they’re expensive.

This myth has been long busted. VRoooom Web offers one of the most innovative, easy-to-use, administration and editing system in the world. The VRoooom Web Suite offers maintenance and editing tools that make editing your website as easy as turning your computer on. Upload photos, add products to your online store, upload videos, edit text, create pages, maintain as calendar and much more at the click of a button, and at a very reasonable, one-time cost to you.

7. I don’t know how to market a website.

Have no worries. Marketing a website is extremely easy compared to conventional marketing. One of the best things about it is that your website and online marketing is the easiest to track in the success of, so you will know exactly what your return on investment is. If you aren’t comfortable taking on the task of marketing your website, then let VRoooom do it. We specialize in online marketing and social media management… and we have the results to prove it.

8. My business is not technology related, so we don’t need a website.

Let me present something to you. Below is data and research conducted by Nielsen’s showing the percentage of items purchased by online shoppers in a 3 month period of time. You’ll notice that the top purchased items are not necessarily “technology-related.”

1. Books 41%
2. Clothes & Shoes 36%
3. Videos/Games 24%
4. Airline Tickets 24%
5. Electronics 23%
6. Music 19%
7. Health & Beauty 19%
8. Hardware 16%
9. Event Tickets 15%
10. Software 14%
11. Groceries 14%
12. Toys 9%
13. Sporting Goods 8%
14. Auto 4%
15. Sports Memorability 3%

9. We already advertise the way we always have (print, radio, tv, etc).

Print is dying. Beside the fact that all aspects of life are moving into the digital sector, it is also far less expensive to do marketing online, and more importantly, online marketing is 100% traceable. No more guessing how many people read your ad, saw your flyer or used your billboard. Online avenues and analytically tracking will tell you exactly how much traffic your media has received, where it came from, what they look at, and more. This will help you decide where to put more money, and where to make cuts.

10. I want a website, but I’m not sure where to start.

Well, you can start by contacting VRoooom Web and speaking to one of our website consultants. We will guide you through every step of the way, ensuring that you can be confident in our services from beginning to end.

We understand that making a decision like this is important, and our goal is to win your heart in mind by building a relationship with you, and providing you with results that you can see and believe in.