Smartphone’s Will Soon Dominate the Market

There are dozens of reasons that could be listed for why a company should have a mobile website developed along side their main website. Let me start off with presenting some smartphone information from 2010.

2010 showed overwhelming growth in the smartphone industry. For the first time ever, smartphones outsold traditional computers, says IDC. Nearly every smartphone manufacturer posted gains in smartphone sales and distribution.

IDC estimates that a record-breaking 92.1 million computers were shipped in the fourth quarter of 2010. Smartphones produced 100.9 million shipments over that same time period.

Traditional computers remained at the top for the entire year at 346.2 million, but smartphones aren’t far behind with 302.6 million being shipped around the world, up 74.4% compared to 2009.

With these statistics in mind, it’s almost a no-brainer that a mobile website is necessary for any business or organization. In fact, with the number of smart phone users coming onto the market, not having a mobile website is about as smart as not having a website at all.

24/7 Anywhere

The great thing about a website is that it acts as a store or point of contact for your business 24/7. Even after you close up for the night, people can still access your website to make purchases, get more information, or research your company. With the use of a smartphone, they can now do these same things not just anytime they want to, but they can do them anywhere they want to.

Mobile Websites Make You Cool

People live on Facebook. They think it’s cool. So, when they find a company they like, or a product they love, they always flock to see if the company has a Facebook where they can connect. Why? Because Facebook is ‘cool’. Similarly, people will sort of judge your ‘coolness’ factor by whether or not you have a dedicated mobile website. People will notice right away that your company or organization are up-to-speed with their website development and technology trends, thus building a new confidence that they might have.