Facebook has now created Graph Search a service to help users find anything through Facebook such as updates, photos, and more similar to AOL’s program.

Back in the dial-up days AOL was king, and internet users had to pay a monthly fee. Facebook can be compared to AOL, due to the lengthy amount of times users spend using the service.

Facebook has loads of data that it can share with people but getting it out wasn’t easy till now. It’s Graph Search has made it possible, so that anyone can delve into that data and find the information Facebook has stored.

Users can now search for friends by their interests, photos, activity, and status updates. Theoretically, Facebook could be used as a dating service, if isn’t already, to help users find mates by certain categories.

Graph Search has by no means made Facebook its own self-sustaining network. Google is still the search engine juggernaut and Amazon is known as the marketplace of the internet, but with Graph Search, Facebook could become an online social Sandbox.

Facebook is slowly putting the pieces together to become its own living community: diverse means of communication, news distribution, commerce, entertainment, media sharing, and even application development.

In the future you could plan a trip completely through Facebook from buying your tickets to booking your hotels and flights.

Google uses a complex formula to find and record data, whereas Facebook has compiled its data by studying the way people connect online.

Graph search is giving Facebook the opportunity to bring it forward into the future as a self-sustaining bubble in the internet.