One of the best qualities of the internet is how fast it changes. Websites and apps users find endearing one day could be a rarely used site in just a year’s time. Here are a few new sites that Vroooom Web thinks will become popular soon:

Unsubscribr is a website that Vroooom is very enthusiastic about. We constantly look for new and interesting sounding services, only to realize we have inadvertently filled our email inbox with a ridiculous amount of useless junk mail.

Unsubscribr is a tool used to unsubscribe from mailing lists that plague email inboxes. This service works with email providers such as Gmail, AOL, or Yahoo Mail and can get rid of all the junk mail within 5 minutes. Unsubscribr is a simple and useful service!

Switchcam is a great new site for music fans who love live concerts but don’t get to attend often. The site wades through endless YouTube videos looking for the best live clips from local concerts.

Often the site’s passionate staff will select the best version of fan’s videos take at live shows and sort them into a song-by-song video playlist. One of the coolest features of the site is that it can even combine videos to let it switch between cameras during songs to give multiple perspectives of the same performance.

A great tool for children is Wondermind, a beautifully crafted interactive site that teaches kids about the human brain. It slickly combines the science behind the workings of the brain with a themed world full of mini-games, quizzes and videos. This project is a joint endeavor between Tate (Britain’s premier modern art gallery) and video game studio Preloaded.

Another great site is I Waste So Much Time which allows users to rate funny pictures and videos at random. It truly is a great site to pass time on and is easy to sign up for. Users simply interact with the funny video by clicking one of three buttons: Awesome, What the What, or Boring. It can really be fun to click through the site.