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Addicted To The Internet

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Internet addiction is one of the fastest growing and largest addictions in America. Social media networking and media streaming are some of the major culprits and reasons why Americans are averaging more hours than ever staring into the computer screens. While the addiction may not necessarily be bad for a person’s body, it is an addiction none the less. Here are a few tips to beat it:

The first step in beating any addiction is to admit there is a problem. Take a second and realize how much time every day is spent on the computer, or an internet device, and try and calculate what exactly is accomplished with this time. Most likely it is just a habit formed to be a time waster, but ask yourself if the addiction is impeding on work or social life. If it is then it may be paramount to make a lifestyle change.

To beat the addiction set some hard rules for how often you spend time on the internet. Don’t cut yourself completely form internet use, or go cold turkey, but instead try to wean yourself off slowly. Try to first cut your time down in half and set specific time limits for how much time you have to surf. After a few weeks when you have become acclimated, cut it further until you reach a level you feel is no longer an addiction.

Don’t feel alone. This is an addiction that is affecting millions every day. Try to find a support group, not on the internet, or others in the area who are also suffering. Sometimes peer support is the best way to get through an addiction. Listen to the advice of others and read a few self-help books.

Try to develop a hobby or interest that doesn’t involve the internet, TV or video games. Join a sports team, learn to dance, or join a gym to fill this new found free time. Not only do you want to replace your addiction, you should look for a healthy alternative. Cook your own meals or help the usual meal provider prepare meals is a great and constructive way to spend time.

Hang out with your friends! The best way to forget about anything is to have fun. Go to the bowling alley, hang out at the mall, or catch a drink after work with some buddies to let off some steam without using a computer.

If you have homework or work outside the office get it done as soon as possible. Procrastination usually leads backs to bad habits, such as internet use, so try and get work done quickly. You may even surprise yourself at how much better the finished product is with focused work.


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