Tell Your Story

Every business has a story – a piece of history attached to its very existence. In today’s age of thorough consumer research, it is very likely that people browsing your website are going to want to read about the company they may potentially do business with.

Depending on the type of business, the industry, and the purpose of your website, you will want to determine what type of ‘story’ you want to tell.

If you run a smaller family-operated business, then it is important to tell your whole story, in as much detail as possible. It is likely that people will want to learn about the owners, where they grew up, their involvement in the community, how the business was started, and how long it has been around.

Some of these details might not be as important for larger businesses and corporations, but you still want to provide some history of the company along with a mission statement.

In tell your story, make sure that you outline the reasons why your company is better, or what sets it apart from other similar businesses.

It can be a great benefit to instill trust into your potential customers, and that can be more easily accomplished if they feel like they know who they are dealing with. If you own a physical store or office building, allowing people to read about your business online first may also make it more comforting for them to make a personal visit.