UPillar.com Review | UPillar.com vs. Craigslist.com


UPillar.com Review | UPillar vs. Craigslist.com

UPillar Review | UPillar.com vs. Craigslist.com

After all of the negative press that craigslist.com received, many people fled the poorly designed, but highly trafficked website for something a little more pure. Craig’s List has proven to be a very successful tool in regards to free classifieds, and many have used it to find employees, find jobs, buy and sell everything from socks to home, car dealerships now have automated feeds to post vehicles, and you can even find a date. The problem is that it is too open source, filled with SPAM, and offers a design that has no aesthetic appeal. Now, it’s hard to complain about a free service when there are no similar competing sites… but that is no longer the case.

UPillar.com has recently launched as the newest free classifieds listing website. Not only is it free, but it promises more in regards to security (less SPAM), a much more thought-out website design, and an overall classier experience.

UPillar actually put some thought into their user’s experience, and everything from creating an account, to posting and searching listings has proven to be much more pleasant than my experience with Craig’s List.

UPillar hasn’t quite caught its stride yet. Compete.com is only reporting on average around 200k monthly visits, while Craig’s List averages about 60 million visits per month.

The same factors that reduce the user experience of craigslist.com are also the factors that make craigslist such a success. With as little over-watch as there is on the site, its easy to post anything you want on there, and hundreds of data feeds have been built to work with the site as well. Car dealerships are benefiting largely from the fact that they can import and display their entire inventory of vehicles online with just a few clicks of a button.

UPillar Review Conclusion

Both UPillar.com and Craigslist.com are free sites, so there is nothing that leads me to believe that you shouldn’t post your same classified ads to both sites. Craigslist.com has the upper hand in regards to publicity and traffic, but UPillar may prove to have higher quality traffic, along with a cleaner layout and better user friendliness.