Review Review Review is a new free service that allows you to post professional business listings for your company or brand. One of the great benefits of Thumb Tack is that, not only is it free, but it’s also built on an extremely clean platform, and offers a user-friendly layout.

If I had to compare it to another internet service, I would say that it has some of the offerings as Yellow Pages online, mixed with a bit of Craig’s List. It differs from Yellow Pages because it’s a free service, and it differs from Craig’s List because it’s not full of garbage and has a very nice, user-friendly layout.

Along with the ability to post services your business offers, you can also request services, build a contacts list of other businesses on Thumb Tack, and track the visitors to your listings.

You also have the ability to add photos, videos, announcements, widgets and printable flyers to your listings and your profile.

Our Thumb Tack add can be viewed here.