How to Increase User Participation on Your Blog: Part 1


Blogging Tips: How to Increase User Participation on Your Blog

PART 1:How to Increase User Participation on Your Blog

Blogging is an easy way to do many different things on your website, such as increasing traffic, making money, or generating content. Everyday hundreds and thousands of new blogs are put online, so increasing the number of visitors that will participate and come back to your blog can be sort of challenging. Many new bloggers will face these challengers, but with a steady focus you can have a successful blog that attracts visitors and user participation.

This will be a multipost article that will give some helpful tips on how to increase your blogs visibility online, the traffic to your blog, and user interactions on the blog.

Leave Comments on Other Blogs

Generally when a blog if first launched, there is very little user participation, such as comments. An effective way to gain comments is by commenting on other people blogs. Smaller blogs in your industry are more likely to have the owner return a comment than larger blogs with more readers. Many times a blog owner will return the love by commenting back on one of your posts.

Keep in mind to add related, intelligent comments so it doesn’t appear to be random spam. Leaving a random post saying something like “Awesome post!” won’t be as affective as typing a paragraph or so on what you liked about the post.

Pick a couple days out of the week to go around to various blogs and leave comments on them. A good strategy is to comment regularly on the same blog so the owner will remember you in the future. Once more people start commenting on your posts, others will jump on the bandwagon and the discussions will get larger.

Respond to Comments you Receive

Whenever someone leaves you a comment, responding to the comment can gain you event more responses in return. It also shows that you care about your blog and adds a personalized feel to the site. A lot of commenters will leave a URL to their website, which you may want to take the time to visit. Leaving them a comment on their blog isn’t a bad idea either.

Ask Questions in Comments and Posts

Write posts that question your readers so they feel compelled to respond. If you make it clear you are seeking feedback from the post, they will feel a greater need to respond. This is a great way to increase comments.

Controversial and Thought Provoking Posts Elicit Responses

A well written post that sparks emotion in your visitors will receive a good deal of comments most of the time. Anything that encourages your readers to form and share an opinion is great content. This doesn’t necessarily mean to write controversial pieces just to gain attention like this, although many bloggers do use this technique and it can build a large readership base. Current controversial topics are the best to write about as it’s what everyone is talking about anyway.