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Is Facebook Building A Phone? | The Facebook Phone

Is Facebook Building A Phone?

A lot of people have been wondering if Facebook is building their own phone to compete with Google’s Android, and Apple’s iPhone. Reports suggest that Facebook is secretly building a phone that will heavily integrate Facebook with the phone’s core features, such as the contact list and messaging. Facebook currently makes an application for most, if not all major phone operating systems such as the iPhone, Blackberry and Android platforms. In order for Facebook to integrate further into phone operating systems, they will have to create their own so they can have complete control over the phone’s operating system.

Two employees at Facebook, Joe Hewitt and Matthew Papakipos, are the ones supposedly behind the phone. They both have experience with creating operating systems. Hewitt helped to create the Firefox web browser, and also created all of the Facebook applications for the iPhone. He has since stopped developing for the iPhone, but he knows mobile devices and he knows operating systems.

Papakipos also has an extensive background that helps with working on this project. He used to be the person in charge of the Google Chrome Operating System until last June, when he quit and went to work at Facebook. Papakipos is considered a top notch developer and could easily handle a number of programming jobs available at Facebook.

So why would Papakipos leave Google to come work at Facebook? It would have taken something very interesting and unique, perhaps development on a Facebook phone to lead him to Facebook.

So what do we know about this phone currently? Not too much. We don’t even know when it will be announced.

Speculations say it would probably be a lower end phone that is extremely affordable and accessible by many types of people. Instead of calling your friend’s phone number, you could simply call their name to talk to them. How does paying for your phone bill with Facebook credits sound? There are a ton of possibilities this idea brings to the table.

We will bring you more information on the Facebook phone’s future as more information is made available.