Choosing a Website Design Company


Building More Than Just Websites

Choosing a Website Design Company
There are many important factors that must be considered when choosing a new website design company. There is a unique formula required for the development of an effective, professionally designed website.

It’s no longer enough to just have a great visually appealing website design, or to just have user-friendly controls, or great calls to action. You can’t rely only on great Search Engine Optimization either. These areas, along with great behind the scenes administration tools and resources are all necessary when developing a successful, results-driven website design.

The Recipe of a Great Website
Let’s discuss some of the key ingredients that make up the recipe of a successful website.

The SEO: Proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Methods
Like all recipes, there are always some ingredients that are more important than others, even though all of the ingredients work together to make the recipe great. Properly developed content using proven Search Engine Optimization methods is one of the key ingredients that your new website must include.

The reason that proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods are ranked more important than other aspects is because nothing else on your website matters if nobody can find it. If your website does not show up in search results on sites like Google, Yahoo and Bing, then the design, layout and calls to action on your website may end up being a lost cause… or a bad recipe.

Finding a website design company that understands Search Engine Optimization is important. Many website design companies claim to have some sort of secret trick that they will use to get your website listed #1 on Google. If any website company tells you that, they’re greatly misleading you.

According to Google, no web design company can guarantee your rankings on search engines, and there are no secrets or tricks.

SEO is properly implemented using a variety of technical guidelines, properly designed pages, unique content, and by following search engine quality guidelines. Once this is done on the front-end, network marketing, social media, and on-going SEO methods are then used to maintain and increase your website’s search engine results.

View: Google’s Webmaster Guidelines

The Design: Visually Appealing & User Friendly
The design of your website will be the deciding factor for many of your website visitors as to whether or not they stay on your site, click to view more pages, and/or decide to contact you.

A good design will captivate your website’s visitors and entice them to hang around and check out other pages. A professional, clean design with a user-friendly navigation is essential to reducing your website’s bounce rate, and keeping people on your website so they can thoroughly discover what your website has to offer.

Easy navigation is one of the most important ingredients inside of the design. Allowing people to quickly access important pages directly from your home page, and secondary pages without having to click several times will improve the experience of your website visitors.

The Action: Converting Visitors to Leads
So, a potential customer has found your website using a search engine. They arrived at the home page and have been able to easily navigate around the site to see what you offer, and what makes your company great; now its time to convert them into a lead.

Every website design must include a simple call-to-action that gives your website visitors a reason to take the next step, as well as a simple, convenient way to contact you. Making it hard for a visitor to contact you, or making them have to look around on the site for your contact information can be very frustrating, and they may just end up leaving your website.