VRoooom’s New Customer Management System & Web Suite


VRoooom's New Powerful CMS Platform & Web Suite

VRoooom’s New CMS Platform & Web Suite

One of the most requested website tools in today’s market is a built-in user-friendly Customer Management System (CMS). A CMS typically provides tools that allow the website owner to easily make updates and additions throughout their entire website, not just basic text and image admin tools. VRoooom Web already offers an excellent CMS to its clients, but what’s currently in development will completely surpass what we currently offer. We understand the speed at which technology moves, and we’re dedicated to remaining a cutting-edge industry leader.

VRoooom’s New CMS Platform & Web Suite

The new VRoooom Web Suite and CMS offers more than just your average text editing tools. We’re developing an easy-to-use system that allows you to edit your media, photos, videos, and music. In addition, you can manage a personalized calendar, schedule events, post news updates, or add products to your online store. Need to change a price of a product or add a page to your sub-navigation? No problem. We have you covered.

It doesn’t stop there. Our VRoooom Web Suit also offers a wide array of tools for the real estate industry, including the ability to add and manage properties, dynamically feed school information, provide mortgage calculators, generate custom property flyers with the simple click of a button, and more!

Our VRoooom Web Suite will be available to “test drive” very soon. If you would like to schedule a demo, please click here.

Whether you want us to manage 100% of your website, or you want to have full control of updating it, VRoooom Web has the most flexible options available in today’s industry.

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