VRoooom’s Storage Room Hidden Treasures

We all know how much fun it is to go through boxes of old stuff from storage rooms, or from boxes that have been packed away under our beds or in closets for any substantial period of time. How much more fun do you think it would be to rediscover some of the hidden treasures in the storage room of a technology company? No need to guess, I can tell you that it was fun.

VRoooom Web just recently did some fall cleaning, organizing, and remodeling in order to improve on the experience we provide for clients. In doing so, we had the privilege of going through some boxes of old stuff. Let’s take a look at what we found.

Sliders Grill
No technology company is complete without a Sliders Grill, which was really a left-over (or maybe discarded) secret Santa gift from a Christmas long ago. I’m not sure who would have left such a prized kitchen appliance to dust away in the darkness of our storage room, but it happened.


Max's Next Secret Santa Gift

Homemade Nerd Clock
Now, whenever you have a building full of nerdy or semi-nerdy people, you are bound to come across some homemade techy gadgets, gizmos, and toys. This clock is a fine example of VRoooom’s employee ingenuity. Why waste old hard drives, mother boards, and compact discs when you can turn them into a perfectly functional clock that doesn’t even have numbers on it? Who knows, but we have one.


Have Spare Time? Spare Computer Parts? Then Make a Clock

Cassette Player
I realized how old I was when I found a cassette player in our storage room and said “wow this thing is old.” And then I remembered listening to cassettes growing up. Remember getting mad when you got to the end of it and had to wait 5 minutes for it to rewind, or when the tape would unwind in the cassette player all by itself and you had to spend an eternity trying to untwist and wheel it back into the plastic housing with your finger tip? This actually used to be VRoooom’s PA music system in the office. It was plugged into some overhead speakers, and when it would get to the end of the tape, we would all play paper, scissors, rock to see who had to go wait for it to rewind.


I'm Sticking to it That These Will Be Back in Style One Day

Another… Clock?
I’m not sure what it is with VRoooom and clocks, but we really like them here. I guess we make a good effort to always mind our time. This one is strange. I’m not even sure what to write about it. I have no idea what it is? Chinese? PHP and Javascript? Alien language?


What Time is it in This Picture?

Travel Keyboard
This one is actually pretty cool. It’s a modem… it’s a wallet… it’s a plastic case! Nope… it’s a KEYBOARD! That’s right. This little gizmo is a compact, full-size (does that even make sense?) computer keyboard that you could plug a Palm Pilot in to… because everyone needs a full-size keyboard to plug their old phone with a 2 inch screen into, right?


Palm Pilot Keyboard

Dharma Switch Box
Before you look at this one, I promise that I did not steal it from the Dharma Initiative from the TV show, LOST. It really was packed away in our storage room. It appears to be one of the first computer accessories ever made, and it makes loud clicking noises when you turn the nob. I guess that was normal back then when touch screens didn’t really exist. Here’s a look.


Old Switch Box

U.S. Robotics
From the title, you would probably think that we discovered a robot that cleans floors and meets with clients, handles billing, and cooks lunch for all of the VRoooom employees… right? WRONG! It’s just a fax modem. You know… back then fax modems were so high-tech that most considered them robots.


High Tech Robot... or Fax Modem

Old Cell Phones
One box of of treasures had a large amount of goodies in store for us, and it was properly labeled “Old Phones.” Of course, anyone born after 1990 has no idea what these are and is more likely to mistake them as stone-aged chiseling tools. However, for those of us who were born pre-1990, we called them cell phones. Included were several old Palm Pilots, the original mini Blackberry, a T-Mobile Pocket PC, a Sprint flip-phone that had the high-tech half inch screen, and Sprint Treo featuring a bionic self-defense lazer protection eye filtration system. See for yourself.


Box of Old (But Awesome) Phones

Apple Computer
When you think of Apple computers today you think of smooth, sleek, high-class, expensive computers, smart phones, media players, and wi-fi devices. But don’t think that is something new to Apple. They have ALWAYS produced sleek looking, compact computers. This one is even complete with 1 FULL MEGABYTE of RAM and an 800k hard drive. To put that into perspective, this entire computer can barely hold a Microsoft word document in today’s world, and it can almost hold a digital photo. It would take about 6 of these full computers just to be able to store one MP3 song today. But at least Apple computers were still sleek back then. Right?


Super High-Tech Apple Computer - Can Almost Store One Digital Photo