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Vroooom And Mobile Web Design

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Mobile Web Design: Changes For the Future

The Internet is changing. While web development is still primarily focused on creating sites that work well for desktop and notebook paradigms, mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets are taking over. It is a trend that show no signs of slowing, and there are more smart devices being sold today than desktops and notebooks. The adoption of smart devices is a trend that is here to stay.Business have to begin focusing more into mobile web design.

The demands of mobile development differ starkly from development for desktop and notebook browsers. With smaller screens and touch-based interfaces, users interact with websites in a profoundly different way. Complex interfaces and excessive text renders web sites cumbersome and, in some cases, completely unusable. Smalls tweaks will not fix the problem; fundamental redesign is necessary. Today, web development often requires two different websites.

Ignoring the mobile web design market is not just a wasted opportunity. Potential customers are not always supplementing their web browsing with these new devices; oftentimes, they are replacing their desktops or notebooks. Concurrent with this increase in smart device users is a decline in the number of people browsing from a desktop or notebook browser. Simply put, ignoring smart devices will cost a company customers.

Having a well-designed, smart device-friendly website will attract customers and send the message that your business cares about their satisfaction. After visiting several competitors’ sites and leaving due to poor design, you future customers will be pleased that you have taken the effort to prioritize you accessibility. A mobile-friendly website shows professionalism and attentiveness. Mobile-friendly websites show that you are proactive.

Vroooom offers cutting-edge website design for the changing marketplace. By focusing on that which makes for a good mobile web design site, Vroooom can create a site that will impress your potential customers and encourage them to stay and look around. Length of stay on a website correlates with the likelihood that they will make a purchase or stop by your store.

And Vroooom offers techniques to integrate your site with social media platforms such as Facebook. With the consumer-based demand for new ways of connecting with businesses, maintaining and driving traffic to your Facebook page will lead to new customers in a way than traditional advertising cannot replicate.

Alexander Electric Co. Website Redesign

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Earlier this week we launched another newly redesigned website for Alexander Electric Co. We took their old design and changed it up a bit, this time focusing on easier to navigate layout for visitors. We built a powerful backend admin panel for the website, and completely rebuilt their project portfolio. With their new admin panel, they can easily add new projects to the site along with photos and descriptions of each project.

A Content Management System (CMS) we have developed allows staff members to make changes to pages quickly and easily, using a WYSIWYG HTML editor. The site also features a team login that allows their staff members to upload and share documents with other staff members behind a password protected section.

Go take a look at the new design for Alexander Electric Co. and let us know what you think!


Alexander Electric Co. Website Redesign

Mobile Web Design

Steeplechase at Callaway Gardens Launches New Website!

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Steeplechase at Callaway Gardens Website Design

At VRoooom Web, we pride ourselves in building lasting relationships with our clients. We thrive on being the website design company of choice for every client that we have the privilege of working with. We don’t simply want to develop a website for you and then call it a day. We want to provide you with exceptional services that will entice you to return to VRoooom for all of your future website development and internet marketing needs.

Steeplechase at Callaway Gardens is a prime example of this. We designed and developed Steeplechase’s previous website, but like anything in the technology world, the time came for an upgraded.

Steeplechase’s new website design is an improved, up-to-date version of their previous website. The appearance was updated to give its users a breath of fresh air, and the administrative Content management System (CMS) has been simplified and expanded – giving the website admin the power and tools necessary to maintain and update the website without requiring a professional programmer or designer.

Visit Steeplechase at Callaway Gardens