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Vroooom And Mobile Web Design

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Mobile Web Design: Changes For the Future

The Internet is changing. While web development is still primarily focused on creating sites that work well for desktop and notebook paradigms, mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets are taking over. It is a trend that show no signs of slowing, and there are more smart devices being sold today than desktops and notebooks. The adoption of smart devices is a trend that is here to stay.Business have to begin focusing more into mobile web design.

The demands of mobile development differ starkly from development for desktop and notebook browsers. With smaller screens and touch-based interfaces, users interact with websites in a profoundly different way. Complex interfaces and excessive text renders web sites cumbersome and, in some cases, completely unusable. Smalls tweaks will not fix the problem; fundamental redesign is necessary. Today, web development often requires two different websites.

Ignoring the mobile web design market is not just a wasted opportunity. Potential customers are not always supplementing their web browsing with these new devices; oftentimes, they are replacing their desktops or notebooks. Concurrent with this increase in smart device users is a decline in the number of people browsing from a desktop or notebook browser. Simply put, ignoring smart devices will cost a company customers.

Having a well-designed, smart device-friendly website will attract customers and send the message that your business cares about their satisfaction. After visiting several competitors’ sites and leaving due to poor design, you future customers will be pleased that you have taken the effort to prioritize you accessibility. A mobile-friendly website shows professionalism and attentiveness. Mobile-friendly websites show that you are proactive.

Vroooom offers cutting-edge website design for the changing marketplace. By focusing on that which makes for a good mobile web design site, Vroooom can create a site that will impress your potential customers and encourage them to stay and look around. Length of stay on a website correlates with the likelihood that they will make a purchase or stop by your store.

And Vroooom offers techniques to integrate your site with social media platforms such as Facebook. With the consumer-based demand for new ways of connecting with businesses, maintaining and driving traffic to your Facebook page will lead to new customers in a way than traditional advertising cannot replicate.

Addicted To The Internet

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Internet addiction is one of the fastest growing and largest addictions in America.  Social media networking and media streaming are some of the major culprits and reasons why Americans are averaging more hours than ever staring into the computer screens.  While the addiction may not necessarily be bad for a person’s body, it is an addiction none the less.  Here are a few tips to beat it:

The first step in beating any addiction is to admit there is a problem.  Take a second and realize how much time every day is spent on the computer, or an internet device, and try and calculate what exactly is accomplished with this time.  Most likely it is just a habit formed to be a time waster, but ask yourself if the addiction is impeding on work or social life.  If it is then it may be paramount to make a lifestyle change.

To beat the addiction set some hard rules for how often you spend time on the internet.  Don’t cut yourself completely form internet use, or go cold turkey, but instead try to wean yourself off slowly.  Try to first cut your time down in half and set specific time limits for how much time you have to surf.  After a few weeks when you have become acclimated, cut it further until you reach a level you feel is no longer an addiction.

Don’t feel alone.  This is an addiction that is affecting millions every day.  Try to find a support group, not on the internet, or others in the area who are also suffering.  Sometimes peer support is the best way to get through an addiction.  Listen to the advice of others and read a few self-help books.

Try to develop a hobby or interest that doesn’t involve the internet, TV or video games.  Join a sports team, learn to dance, or join a gym to fill this new found free time.  Not only do you want to replace your addiction, you should look for a healthy alternative. Cook your own meals or help the usual meal provider prepare meals is a great and constructive way to spend time.

Hang out with your friends!  The best way to forget about anything is to have fun.  Go to the bowling alley, hang out at the mall, or catch a drink after work with some buddies to let off some steam without using a computer.

If you have homework or work outside the office get it done as soon as possible.  Procrastination usually leads backs to bad habits, such as internet use, so try and get work done quickly.  You may even surprise yourself at how much better the finished product is with focused work.


Bring Your Own Device

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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Many companies are allowing employees to participate in the growing initiative: “Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).” The initiative allows employees to select and use their own mobile devices for business rather than a company-issued device. Some experts state this type of program provides a greater impetus for business owners to take care of devices since they will be financially responsible for the device. Despite the benefits, there are some concerns about the BYOD program which has some companies reevaluating the concept.

Benefits of Bring Your Own Device

Reduced Costs. Companies reduce the costs related to purchasing devices for employees. With cell phones ranging in costs from $50 to $1000, business owners could pay an exorbitant amount providing devices to employees. With BYOD, companies are only responsible for the monthly service fee. In some instances, employees will offer to handle these expenses also. Savings could be passed on to employees through other company-issued benefits.

Challenges of Bring Your Own Device

Data Protection or Information Risks. Before companies adopt BYOD on a large scale, business leaders are evaluating how to protect company-sensitive data on an employee-owned device. Currently, the process costs a significant amount.

Liability Risks. There are increased liability issues for companies if company-sensitive data or customer data is leaked to unauthorized personnel. Business owners must invest in the infrastructure to ensure customer data or company data is not breached. This is more difficult when the devices are not uniform across platforms. Lawsuits are more likely if companies do not invest to prevent breaches on disparate devices.

Financial Risks. With BYOD, the financial risks related to security is increased. When companies issue mobile devices, information risk and related expenses are lower. Many companies underestimate the associated costs and may spend more. For example, a company supporting 1000 devices may spend an additional $170,000 annually for the convenience of BYOD. Companies must identify potential hidden costs before investing in BYOD programs.

Other Areas of Loss. Companies may also experience loss in productivity, competitive advantage, response times, reputation and replacement issues. If an employee is responsible for replacing a device from personal income, the delay in replacement may be longer. An employee with tattered equipment may give customer’s the impression that the company is not professional. This hurts a company’s reputation.

Response on a personally-owned device is also more difficult. Legal risks such as fines and judgments may also increase since data will be transmitted outside of a controlled environment. Businesses should perform a legal analysis to reduce risks and lower costs.

Business owners should have a plan to deal with search and seizures and personal data loss. Both issues are a significant challenge with BYOD programs.

Consider the Legal Issues Related BYOD

Employees should sign documentation to ensure they are aware of how the company plans to manage their device and how this affects their privacy rights. The BYOD program can be beneficial in certain business spheres, but business owners should review the advantages and disadvantages prior to implementing it within an organization.

The Importance of Having a Mobile Website

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Smartphone’s Will Soon Dominate the Market

There are dozens of reasons that could be listed for why a company should have a mobile website developed along side their main website. Let me start off with presenting some smartphone information from 2010.

2010 showed overwhelming growth in the smartphone industry. For the first time ever, smartphones outsold traditional computers, says IDC. Nearly every smartphone manufacturer posted gains in smartphone sales and distribution.

IDC estimates that a record-breaking 92.1 million computers were shipped in the fourth quarter of 2010. Smartphones produced 100.9 million shipments over that same time period.

Traditional computers remained at the top for the entire year at 346.2 million, but smartphones aren’t far behind with 302.6 million being shipped around the world, up 74.4% compared to 2009.

With these statistics in mind, it’s almost a no-brainer that a mobile website is necessary for any business or organization. In fact, with the number of smart phone users coming onto the market, not having a mobile website is about as smart as not having a website at all.

24/7 Anywhere

The great thing about a website is that it acts as a store or point of contact for your business 24/7. Even after you close up for the night, people can still access your website to make purchases, get more information, or research your company. With the use of a smartphone, they can now do these same things not just anytime they want to, but they can do them anywhere they want to.

Mobile Websites Make You Cool

People live on Facebook. They think it’s cool. So, when they find a company they like, or a product they love, they always flock to see if the company has a Facebook where they can connect. Why? Because Facebook is ‘cool’. Similarly, people will sort of judge your ‘coolness’ factor by whether or not you have a dedicated mobile website. People will notice right away that your company or organization are up-to-speed with their website development and technology trends, thus building a new confidence that they might have.