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4 Tips for Launching a New Website

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The launching of a new website can be a difficult and challenging experience for those who have never done it before. Inexperience and technical knowledge both play parts in this, and although the process is easy to learn, it may take some practice to get comfortable with it. We are going to offer some suggestions for those are who have yet to launch their first website. These are general tips for a wide variety of topics, but all of them will make the launching process much easier.

# 1 Install Analytics

It’s important to know how many visitors your website is receiving, so you can make changes to your site if no traffic comes. Tracking your visitors is a vital part of the marketing process, and should definitely not be left out. We recommend Google Analytics for beginners, as it is free and very easy to setup on your website. For advanced users with more technical knowledge, you may want to look at Piwik as an alternative. It’s very similar to Google Analytics, but offers a different perspective on things.

The Google Analytics Dashboard

The code for your tracking script needs to be placed on every page of your website. If the website is a static HTML site, then you’ll need to copy and paste the code to every page. If you use another language to code in, such as PHP, you can use includes to make a single template file (for example, footer.php) which will contain the tracking code. This file will then be included to every page of your site, making the process much easier.

#2 Sign up for Webmaster Tools

All three of the major search engines have a service that you can sign up for that monitors data about your website, and then lets you view it. Google’s and Bing’s are the best of the bunch, but we recommend using Yahoo’s too for the best results. Since the data you feed to these Webmaster centers will feed directly to the search engines, it’s highly recommended you do this. Create a sitemap.xml for your site and submit to these Webmaster centers to help the search engines crawl your site.

The Google Webmaster Tools Dashboard

Be warned though, the reporting tools inside these Webmaster centers are not always perfect; in fact, most of the time we find they are way off. Keyword and traffic data always seems skewed to us, so you should use other tools for these areas. The Webmaster Tools also offer crawl rate, spidering, and indexation reporting, which is usually more solid than the keyword and traffic reports, although it may not be completely accurate. They do however keep rolling out new features for the tools, and overtime, it seems the reporting has gotten slightly more accurate.

#3 Setup a Newsletter

After launching your site, include a newsletter signup box so that visitors interested in further updates and news can receive them. Email marketing is also an extremely valuable tool, if used correctly. It’s even better if you have a list of friends or clients that you can already use to email about your newly launched website. Be honest and polite in your email and ask for feedback about the website. It’s a good idea to say you will return the favor too, as this may get more people interested. Make sure to use Carbon Copies (CC) so everyone on the email list doesn’t see the email of everyone else on the email.

A Newsletter Signup Form

This will allow you to stay in contact with visitors to your site via email.

If you notice people aren’t signing up for your newsletter, you may want to offer an incentive to do so. This creates some trust between you and your website visitors, and makes you look knowledgeable about the subject your website on. Some things you could create to give away are e-books, videos, whitepapers, or any other content that is exclusive to your website.

#4 Signup Your Brand on Social Media Sites

Every year, social media becomes a more powerful and popular way for businesses to communicate with their customers. Every business in this day and age should be utilizing social media marketing, no matter what industry they are in. There are a couple of sites that you should, at minimum, have an account on. These are:

There are other sites we recommend, although these won’t be suitable for everyone. We say you should still go through and find out which ones are relevant to your business and industry. These sites are:

Take the time to fill out all the information fields when you signup for these sites. This makes your business easier to find. Change up the information slightly for every profile, and don’t just copy and paste the same information to each one. The descriptions and bios should be unique for each site, tailoring to the specific needs of users on that specific site. Empty social accounts are no fun and do virtually nothing, but an active account can create traffic, customers, and a ton of value for you if done correctly.

Jet Brite Car Wash Website Redesign

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The latest car wash website we’ve designed and developed is for Jet Brite Car Wash located out of Illinois. We took an older, outdated design and revamped it to a more refreshing layout that is easier for visitors to use and navigate. The administrative panel features a powerful Content Management System (CMS) that let’s the owners easily edit and make changes to pages on the site, which gives them complete control over the content on the site.

We also developed a custom locations manager so the managers at the car wash could update details about specific locations without the need of contacting VRoooom. Take a look at let us know how you like the newly launched site!

Jet Brite Car Wash's new website

Redesigned Website for Jet Brite Car Wash

Tidal Wave Auto Spa Launches New Website

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There is a trend that you will notice at VRoooom Technology, and that is that our clients continue to return to us for their future projects, website development, graphic design, and technology solutions. Tidal Wave Auto Spa is another shining example of our dedicated clients continuing to trust us with their business needs.

Tidal Wave Auto Spa’s new website design is an improved, up-to-date version of their previous website. The appearance was updated to give its users a breath of fresh air, and the administrative Content management System (CMS) has been simplified and expanded – giving the website admin the power and tools necessary to maintain and update the website without requiring a professional programmer or designer.


Tidal Wave Auto Spa

Castle Beach Condos Website Launch!

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Castle Beach Condos • Panama City Beach, FL

There are a lot of Panama City Beach condo rental companies in Florida, so when the owners of Castle Beach Condos asked VRoooom to create a professional website design for them that would set them apart from other condo rental companies… our goal was to exceed their expectations.

Castle Beach Condos prides itself on offering luxury condos in excellent locations, and at great prices. We wanted that message to be portrayed throughout the website, while providing the user with a friendly navigation, a classy layout, and information that was easy to find.

Classic Addict Website Design

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Classic Addict Website Design & Marketing

Classic Addict is a band from Columbus, GA that is quickly growing their fan base internationally. When they started their search for a Columbus, GA website design company, it wasn’t long before they made their decision to choose VRoooom.

VRoooom’s goal was to provide Classic Addict with a first-class website that was user-friendly both for the suers, and those that would be managing the content.

We implemented the VRoooom Web Suite into their site, which gives them complete control over their content, their online store, media, photo galleries, and more.

VRoooom Web Launches New Website

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Columbus Website Design Company

VRoooom Web has just launched a new website geared towards providing our visitors with an exceptional online user experience.

Whether you’re looking for a website design company in Columbus, Georgia, or from around the world, VRoooom has the perfect recipe of creative design, cutting-edge technologies, competitive pricing, and online marketing tools to catapult your business on the road of success.

It’s time to take that next step. It’s time to add the necessary fuel to your business. Let VRoooom lead the way!