New 2011 Facebook Features: Dislike


New 2011 Facebook Features: Dislike

New 2011 Facebook Features: Dislike

Every few months (sometimes weeks) Facebook launches new or updated features to their social media website. Some good, some bad. Some people will never notice, while others will leave you banging your head against the wall. 2011 has made way for some new, highly annoying, poorly functional Facebook updates… but still no “Dislike” button 🙁

Facebook’s New Photo Gallery

Facebook’s new photo gallery viewing panel is terrible, and I still have yet to discover any real benefits from the change. The previous Facebook photo gallery was a simple list of thumbnails that could be clicked on to view the larger scale of the photo. Now when the thumbnail is clicked it opens in the same window inside of a pop-up box.

The problem is that you can no longer edit your own photos from the new layout unless you open the image in a new window. The new gallery also prohibits you from right clicking to download. You now have to click a “download” link on the page. However, you can still right click to download if you open the image in a new window or tab.

Facebook’s New Shift+Enter Comment & Message Posting

This one has literally driven me nuts. Previously when posting to walls, commenting on status updates, or when sending messages, there was a “Post” or “Send Message” button that had to be clicked in order to post the comment. Now, hitting “Enter” on your keyboard will prematurely post whatever you’re typing. HURRY! Now you have to click the “X” to edit it before someone else posts, otherwise you’ll be stuck having to copy it, delete the post, paste the comment back, make your edit and then repost it by clicking “Enter” again!

I just got a headache.

On top of that, now I find myself hitting enter + shift every time I type in emails, word documents, blog posts, etc. Shaking my head.

Facebook’s New Auto-Tagging

Auto-tagging in posts. Still banging my head against the wall. I have lots of friends named “Chris.” Who doesn’t? Now Facebook changes and tags everything that starts with “Ch” in one of my friends named Chris. And may the Lord be with you if you have any friends named Theresa, Thomas, or anything that starts with a “Th.” Good luck ever considering the usage of the word “The.”

The strange thing is that auto-tagging is not consistent, but when it does occur, trying to remove the link and change the word back is like trying to recode the algorithm for Google. It usually ends up being easier to just delete it all and start over.

At a minimum, maybe they could provide the option to turn auto-tagging on or off. I think they would find that many Facebook users would be turning it off.

Facebook Loses Messaging Titles

Again, I’m not sure what purpose is being served by disallowing a Facebook user to enter a message title. There is a way to get to the feature, but currently when you click on a Facebook user’s profile, and then click “Message” the option to add a message title is not displayed. Personally, the title typically determines whether or not I’m going to open a message depending on who it is from. What was the logical reasoning for removing this feature?

Still No “Dislike” Button

With all of these changes that have come out, I figured that we would have seen a “Dislike” option by now. The Facebook community has been requesting it since 2010, but instead we’ve gotten all of these frustrating feature updates.