Understanding SEO Results


SEO Results Take Time

Understanding How SEO Results Work

A lot people don’t fully understand how Search Engine Optimization works. In fact, there are even many “SEO professionals” that don’t honestly understand how it works.

While nobody will ever completely master SEO and its complex algorithm, there are still some very simple key points that will assist us in understanding it.

When additions or changes are made to a website that directly effect its optimization, it’s important to understand that those changes will take some time until they will reflect in search engines. The changes will first start to show results after the are indexed by the various Search Engines.

Explaining SEO to a Client

One of the communication struggles that a website design and internet marketing company might have with their clients is trying to explain how SEO works. It’s understandable that a business owner would want to know what work is being done and how long it will take to see results. The problem is that explaining both of these answers can actually lead to more confusion and a bit of skepticism. I often find myself explaining it using several analogies, but even then, it can be easy to get lost if you don’t completely understand the terminology.

This is where client referrals and asking to see other success stories and results can come in handy. Prepare examples for new or potential clients to view that clearly show the results that their website has produced.

How Do I Get on the First Page of Google?

This is probably the most frustrating question that can be asked of an SEO professional. The question has so many complex answers behind it, and trying to explain SEO results in a way that someone can fully understand can sometimes be a lost cause. It’s not necessarily because of the lack of “being smart,” as it is simply a language barrier (sort of).

The fact is that there is no clear-cut answer to this question. There is no way to respond with a number, a timeline or a date for when the results will be produced. Some websites see substantial SEO results in 2 weeks after launching, and some may take up to 6 months. Some website will have a giant skyrocketing result in the first month, and then level off the rest of the year, while others may see increased traffic gradually, but over a longer period of time.

No company, I repeat, no company can promise “page one on Google.” The question is much deeper than that. For instance, the question could be better phrased by asking “which keywords will rank the best in Google for my website vs. which ones will not do well.” One company could be on page 1 of Google for one keyword phrase, and then page 10 for another similar keyword phrase.

When a website is first launched, it usually takes about a week or two to be indexed by Google. I’ve seen it happen as soon as 2 days, and as long as a month (for websites that have the same structure). The important thing to understand here is that it can take some time. Generally, if a website is not indexed in 3 weeks, I would suggest going back and asking your internet marketing or website design company what’s going on.

How Do I Know if my Website is Indexed?

This is a much easier answer to provide. Simple visit www.Google.com and enter “site:www.yourdomain.com” into the search field. It will provide results on all of your indexed website pages. If you have no results for the search, then your website has not been index yet. You can see an example here.

What Questions Should I Ask

It never hurts to go over the SEO process for your website before the development is started. Make sure that you express your concerns regarding specific keywords phrases that you have in mind before you write the content. You can refer to our The Truith About Search Engine Optimization,  Top 10 SEO Tips, and our Content is King articles for more information on SEO.