How to Install Google Analytics Tracking Code

Installing Google Analytics on your website is extremely easy and takes very little time to do.

When you first login to Google Analytics, you are presented with your current list of sites you are already tracking stats for. If you have already added the website in your Google Analytics account, then it will appear in this section.

Adding Code for Brand New Websites

  1. If you are adding a brand new site to your account, you’ll need to click the ‘Admin’ button in the top right of the page, which is located in the orange bar that expands across the page. After clicking the Admin button, you’ll need to choose which account you’ll want to add the website to. You can choose between an account that already exists, or create a new one. At VRoooom we use these accounts to sort between clients that are in our internet marketing program, and clients that aren’t in the program.
  2. After choosing which account to add the website to, click the ‘New Property’ button and fill out the information required. After you fill out the information, click the ‘Create Property’ button.
  3. You will be taken to a list of the websites in that specific analytics account. You’ll then need to go through this list and find the website you just added. After you find the website you just added, click the name of the website to go to it’s options menu.
  4. You should see three tabs that say “Profiles,” “Tracking Code,” and “Property Settings.” Click the Tracking Code tab.
  5. At the bottom of the Tracking Code tab page, you should see a large text box of Javascript coding. You may have to choose a few options before this code will display. Copy and past this code to your clipboard.
  6. How to Install the Google Analytics Tracking Code

  7. Now is the part where you actually add the code to your website’s code. If you have a website built from just .html pages, also known as a static site, you will have to copy and paste this code on every single page you want to track the stats for. If you have a website built in another language, such as PHP or .Net, you can simple paste the code inside the masterpage files that load for every page on the site.
  8. You will need to paste this code immediately before the tag in your code. Look at the image below for an example. Once you have pasted that code there, save and reupload your file to the server. Go back to the Google Analytics page you just received the code from and refresh your browser window. The ‘Tracking Status’ should now say that it is collecting data from your website.
  9. Inserting the Google Analytics Code into HTML

  10. That’s it! You have successfully added the tracking code to your website.