NetworkedBlogs Facebook App Review


NetworkedBlogs Facebook App

NetworkedBlogs Facebook App Review

One of the great Facebook Apps to currently hit the social media scene is the Networked Blogs app. The Networked Blogs app is free and allows you to syndicate your blog’s posts, pictures, content and other information directly into a Facebook driven blog. From their you can grow your following and reach the Facebook community with a clean, easy-to-use blog application for Facebook. There are some premium services that can be purchased through NetworkedBlogs, but they are not necessary to run a successful NetworkedBlogs account.

Not only does NetworkedBlogs syndicate your blog, website, or online journal to Facebook, but it also gets listed on the NetworkedBlog website, which hosts a large base of political, humor, and technology related blogs and websites.

NetworkedBlogs is a great tool to expand your social media and online marketing plan that has absolutely no downside to it. I recommend it to anyone who is looking to grow their blog or website, and wants to be able to easily distribute their online information to the Facebook community.