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SEO/SEM Specialist

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VWeb Marketing is currently looking for an SEO Specialist to perform competitive analyses,
keyword research, site optimizations, and link building.


Primary focus will be on traffic and lead generation, marketing campaigns (email, affiliate,
social, offline), and other revenue generation methods. Basic knowledge in general SEO
techniques a must, advanced knowledge preferred

For immediate consideration, please submit your resume to us at: at http://www.vroooom.com/
company/career/ or email Lauren@vroooom.com.

Position: Sales/Account Manager Representative

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Job Description:

Sales/Account Manager Representative needed for an established and growing internet
marketing company for business sales throughout the US. The Candidate must possess
outstanding sales and customer service skills with an engaging and outgoing personality
concentrating within one our largest website accounts.

Responsibilities Include:
• Developing/Tuning our Sales and Marketing strategy.
• Traveling to conferences (4-6 conferences per year, 3-5 days each)
• Sell website advertising space
• Handle the closing of all sales to include signing of contract, set up, and ensuring
individual advertising space is customized and search engine optimized (SEO
knowledge preferred but not necessary)
• Manage each advertisers account to include: customer queries, questions and
concerns of advertisers, and to further optimize paid for ad-space.
• Communicate any issues with technical staff and handle each arising issue in
a timely and thorough manner—communicate issues with management when
• Serve as back up to office manager in the answering of phones to include
fielding questions regarding other accounts within the company and effectively
communicating sometimes unfamiliar issues or questions with management and
• Occasional collaboration with staff in regards to other company projects as a way
to generate fresh marketing and design ideas
• Prepare end of the month reports on all activity for the website

• Team-oriented attitude and excellent interpersonal skills
• Must possess outstanding sales, writing and communication skills
• Past experience or willingness to learn how to generate sales and revenue
• Must be a self-motivator and communicate to managers when needed

Advanced Knowledge a Plus, But Not Required:
• Marketing and sales to include internet-based lead generation
• Internet marketing and SEO practices
• Understanding of website analysis
• Basic computer skills (MS office, etc)

Submit resume here: http://www.vroooom.com/company/career/ or email to

America’s Growing Dependence On Cellphones A Liability During Disasters

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The downside of America’s growing dependence on cell phones has become increasingly apparent to the East Coast during Hurricane Sandy, it has become harder to communicate in emergencies.

Landlines are now seen by many consumers to be ancient technology and many now communicate more often with cellphones and other mobile devices. Unlike most landlines, these devices require electricity so if the power goes out, so does the ability to communicate.

According to sources, almost 40 percent of American homes are wireless with no landlines. There are now only 550,000 landlines in the country, which is down a staggering amount from the 2.1 million pay phones that existed a decade earlier, according to the Federal Communications Commission.

Experts say the traditional methods of communications (land lines) are much more reliable in an emergency as they can work even when electricity is down.

Studies of cellular companies such as AT&T and Verizon say the telecommunications industry are investing less in landline networks as the demand has dwindled in recent years.

Recent storms like Hurricane Sandy and Katrina, as well as other natural disasters, have led a few public interest groups to argue that wireless providers should provide backup power for cell phone towers to ensure service during disasters. The industry responded by saying it would be too expensive t

o implement.

The plan would also require large amount of gasoline to power to the generators, a scarce source in a natural disaster.

On Tuesday, when Hurricane Sandy hit, 25 percent of cell towers went down in storm-affected regions. Almost 15 percent remained out still by Friday morning with downed trees and flooding keeping many crews from repairing the towers.


Hurricane Sandy To Cause Power Outages On East Coast

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The East Coast is bracing for the full impact of Hurricane Sandy that experts are calling “life-threatening” and currently off shore gaining strength.

The 900 mile wide storm has so far sent 12 foot surges over beaches and boardwalks, as well as 90-mph winds, from Delaware to New York a full 12 hours before the storm’s eye is supposed to make landfall.  Widespread evacuations along the coast have been ordered and public transportation shut down in metropolitan areas.  Meteorologists closely watching the storm say as many as 60 million people could face power outages in the coming hours and days.

Airports are expected to shut down Monday afternoon and the National Guard was deployed along the Atlantic coast.  Experts are calling this weather system the “Frankenstorm.”  The hurricane is on a collision course with a winter storm and a cold front that could create a massive hybrid storm that could be felt as far as the Midwest.

The storm surge is so great that many are reporting their homes on stilts have been threatened. 

Forecasters warned the New York City region could face the worst of the hurricane.  As of 9 a.m. Monday, the storm was centered around 300 miles southeast of the city, moving to the north at 14mph with hurricane-force winds extending 175 miles from its center.

The Nation Hurricane Center said early Monday the storm has intensified and Sandy has already been blamed for 65 deaths in the Caribbean before it began traveling northward, parallel to Eastern Seaboard.

States of emergency have been declared from North Carolina to Connecticut.  Delaware ordered mandatory evacuations for coastal communities on Sunday.

Authorities warned that NYC could be hit with an 11-foot wall of water that has the potential to swamp parts of lower Manhattan.  Many fear subway tunnels will flood and that the network of underground electrical and communications lines will be crippled.

Now Hiring: Website Developer

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VRoooom is looking to expand its team with the hiring of a new PHP web developer. If you meet the below qualifications, then please contact us today by submitting your resume here: http://www.vroooom.com/company/career/

General Description:

Candidate will have extensive PHP programming knowledge and will work with a team consisting of web designers and front-end CSS programmers. Candidate will have the ability to work on several projects at once, and manage their work load accordingly. Candidate must have an excellent work ethic, be able to work in a team atmosphere, and have an excellent attitude. This is a KEY to our success.


• Build and maintain code using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
• Collaborate with project managers and designers to create project specifications
• Accurately estimate project time requirements
• Maintain applications built using PHP and .NET technologies
• Develop Content Management Systems (CMS) for client websites
• Develop ecommerce store applications

Technical Requirements:

• PHP 5.3
• Clean hand coded HTML
• JavaScript and JavaScript libraries such as jQuery
• Experience in Linux and Windows environments
• Understanding of Object Oriented Programming
• Experience merchant web services and API’s such as Authorize.NET


Candidate does not need a specified amount of experience, but must be able to present working examples of projects and must have referrals specific to the required skills.

Work Status:

• Full time/Part time
• Work Remotely if desired
• Work weekends/off hours available if desired

DM-PTZ-IR727 Security Camera Review

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The DM-PTZ-IR727 is a fantastic security camera loaded with nearly every feature desirable in a security camera.

The DM-PTZ-IR727 features a Sony Super HAD chipset that produces a magnificent video at the high resolution of 520 lines. It has pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities, infrared viewing, motion detection, and night vision. The 3.2-86mm lens is capable of 27x optical zoom, which allows you to zoom in on even the small details. The camera’s heated, vandal proof housing dome is completely weatherproof and comes with both wall and ceiling mounting arms.

The DM-PTZ-IR727 uses Pelco control protocols, which means that this security camera is compatible with virtually every DVR system that supports Pelco-D protocol.

This camera operates on AC 24V power and the power supply is included.

VRoooom just recently installed 8 of these in a jet engine testing facility. The cameras will be used during testing to check the engine for leaks or any malfunctions. It was important to the client that they have complete control over the camera, be able to zoom in really close to specific areas, and that the camera would be able to handle the rigorous environment of a jet engine testing room. The DM-PTZ-IR727 Security Camera was the perfect fit.

Security Camera Service & Installation in Columbus

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Security Camera Service & Installation in Columbus

VRoooom Technology is now offering complete security camera services in Columbus, Georgia.

It doesn’t matter if you need to install a fixed camera for a single location, or setup a 32 channel weather-proof system with pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities. Motion detection, schedule recordings, high definition, and infrared are just a few of the available options. No project is to big or too small for us, and we want to earn your business with our excellent service.

VRoooom’s Storage Room Hidden Treasures

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We all know how much fun it is to go through boxes of old stuff from storage rooms, or from boxes that have been packed away under our beds or in closets for any substantial period of time. How much more fun do you think it would be to rediscover some of the hidden treasures in the storage room of a technology company? No need to guess, I can tell you that it was fun.

VRoooom Web just recently did some fall cleaning, organizing, and remodeling in order to improve on the experience we provide for clients. In doing so, we had the privilege of going through some boxes of old stuff. Let’s take a look at what we found.

Sliders Grill
No technology company is complete without a Sliders Grill, which was really a left-over (or maybe discarded) secret Santa gift from a Christmas long ago. I’m not sure who would have left such a prized kitchen appliance to dust away in the darkness of our storage room, but it happened.


Max's Next Secret Santa Gift

Homemade Nerd Clock
Now, whenever you have a building full of nerdy or semi-nerdy people, you are bound to come across some homemade techy gadgets, gizmos, and toys. This clock is a fine example of VRoooom’s employee ingenuity. Why waste old hard drives, mother boards, and compact discs when you can turn them into a perfectly functional clock that doesn’t even have numbers on it? Who knows, but we have one.


Have Spare Time? Spare Computer Parts? Then Make a Clock

Cassette Player
I realized how old I was when I found a cassette player in our storage room and said “wow this thing is old.” And then I remembered listening to cassettes growing up. Remember getting mad when you got to the end of it and had to wait 5 minutes for it to rewind, or when the tape would unwind in the cassette player all by itself and you had to spend an eternity trying to untwist and wheel it back into the plastic housing with your finger tip? This actually used to be VRoooom’s PA music system in the office. It was plugged into some overhead speakers, and when it would get to the end of the tape, we would all play paper, scissors, rock to see who had to go wait for it to rewind.


I'm Sticking to it That These Will Be Back in Style One Day

Another… Clock?
I’m not sure what it is with VRoooom and clocks, but we really like them here. I guess we make a good effort to always mind our time. This one is strange. I’m not even sure what to write about it. I have no idea what it is? Chinese? PHP and Javascript? Alien language?


What Time is it in This Picture?

Travel Keyboard
This one is actually pretty cool. It’s a modem… it’s a wallet… it’s a plastic case! Nope… it’s a KEYBOARD! That’s right. This little gizmo is a compact, full-size (does that even make sense?) computer keyboard that you could plug a Palm Pilot in to… because everyone needs a full-size keyboard to plug their old phone with a 2 inch screen into, right?


Palm Pilot Keyboard

Dharma Switch Box
Before you look at this one, I promise that I did not steal it from the Dharma Initiative from the TV show, LOST. It really was packed away in our storage room. It appears to be one of the first computer accessories ever made, and it makes loud clicking noises when you turn the nob. I guess that was normal back then when touch screens didn’t really exist. Here’s a look.


Old Switch Box

U.S. Robotics
From the title, you would probably think that we discovered a robot that cleans floors and meets with clients, handles billing, and cooks lunch for all of the VRoooom employees… right? WRONG! It’s just a fax modem. You know… back then fax modems were so high-tech that most considered them robots.


High Tech Robot... or Fax Modem

Old Cell Phones
One box of of treasures had a large amount of goodies in store for us, and it was properly labeled “Old Phones.” Of course, anyone born after 1990 has no idea what these are and is more likely to mistake them as stone-aged chiseling tools. However, for those of us who were born pre-1990, we called them cell phones. Included were several old Palm Pilots, the original mini Blackberry, a T-Mobile Pocket PC, a Sprint flip-phone that had the high-tech half inch screen, and Sprint Treo featuring a bionic self-defense lazer protection eye filtration system. See for yourself.


Box of Old (But Awesome) Phones

Apple Computer
When you think of Apple computers today you think of smooth, sleek, high-class, expensive computers, smart phones, media players, and wi-fi devices. But don’t think that is something new to Apple. They have ALWAYS produced sleek looking, compact computers. This one is even complete with 1 FULL MEGABYTE of RAM and an 800k hard drive. To put that into perspective, this entire computer can barely hold a Microsoft word document in today’s world, and it can almost hold a digital photo. It would take about 6 of these full computers just to be able to store one MP3 song today. But at least Apple computers were still sleek back then. Right?


Super High-Tech Apple Computer - Can Almost Store One Digital Photo

VRoooom Web Expands to Dallas, TX

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VRoooom Web, a leading creative design and marketing agency, announced today of its expansion into the greater Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

“We have always wanted to have an office in Dallas from the inception of our company since I was born and raised in Dallas,” said Angela Wagenti, CEO of VRoooom Web. “We have enjoyed incredible success in Georgia and have built and hosted over a thousand websites around the world, but we always wanted an office back home.”

VRoooom Web has concentrated its web design and marketing efforts with small businesses, non-profit organizations, and professional firms such as legal firms and medical practices. Those businesses in Dallas need marketing help more than ever, without breaking their budget. VRoooom helps those companies navigate the web and position themselves for the best return in their business.

“We understand the needs of a small business, from just starting out to being in business for 100 years. VRoooom has amassed a wide array of clients over dozens of industries; our formula works,” said Joe Wagenti, Director of Operations for VRoooom. “Dallas businesses compete locally, regionally, nationally and VRoooom is well-positioned to assist those companies with their marketing needs on all levels.”

VRoooom Web is currently ramping up its sales force in the greater Dallas/Ft. Worth area and will start recruiting for other positions in the near future.

“Our sales approach is much different than other internet-based companies. We want to be there with you in all aspects whether its visiting a store in person to walking through operations with a business owner, to sitting in on a company meeting. There are a lot of small details that get missed doing business just through email and phone,” explained Angela Wagenti. “Even though we do business nation-wide, we wanted to have an onsite sales staff and technical managers in Dallas to accommodate the demands of this area.”

VRoooom Web is well-established as a ‘full-service’ web provider, specializing in SEO and Social Media Marketing, along with Graphic and Web Design, Programming/Application Development, and Hosting services. To learn more about VRoooom, please visit http://www.vroooom.com.

Facebook Friend Referral Contest!

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Are you ready to win the easiest $100 of your lifetime?

Facebook Friend Referral Contest! 1

According to the statistics below, it’s highly likely that you are an active Facebook user. This contest should be easy for you.

Simply refer friends to the VRoooom Facebook page and have them enter your name on our friend referral form.

The person with the most referrals wins $100.


Some Facebook Facts

• More than 750 million active Facebook users
• 50% of active users log on to Facebook in any given day
• The average user has 130 friends
• People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook

Contest Rules

• A minimum of 5 referred friends are required to win
• VRoooom employees cannot participate in the contest
• Contest ends October 1st, 2011