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The Importance of SEO in Internet Marketing

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The term marketing usually implies promoting and selling of products and services. Similarly, Internet marketing means the promoting and selling of products and services on the web. Search engine optimization (SEO) and Internet marketing are almost similar to each other; in fact, SEO plays a very important role in online marketing. SEO is responsible for providing the websites with regular and also free Internet traffic. Search engine optimization helps in improving the ranking of the sites in search engines. At present, SEO has turned out to be a dominant form of online promoting and it is possible to make a significant profit from online business by using SEO in internet marketing.

SEO is, in fact, an online marketing strategy which considers what individuals search for and also how search engines function. In order to optimize a website, it is required to edit the site’s HTML code in such a way that the site’s relevance to particular keywords is enhanced and also obstacles to the indexing activities of the search engines are removed. SEO in marketing is performed through various ways such as image optimization, the creation of unique title meta tags, creating unique content while maintaining the required keyword density and also generating top quality inbound links. 

It is imperative that the website is highly optimized when we start to promote the site taking the help of online marketing. It not only creates a positive impact on the minds of the users, but also inspires them to visit more pages which results in business generation. If the online marketing is performed without taking the help of SEO, then the site will not be able to get proper search engine visibility. A site will get publicity if it is visible and this is a crucial factor that makes search engine optimization an integral part of online marketing. In order to do SEO effectively, you need to be patient and also do a deep market research, as well as, be capable of learning new things.

From these above facts, it is not difficult to say that SEO is very important for online marketing and is also the main key for attracting an increasing number of visitors at a very affordable cost.

How Can Your Business use Internet Marketing Effectively?

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Internet Marketing: The Largest Market

Internet is the largest market for businesses. With the amount of people spending their time on the internet each day, it is not surprising that it has now become the greatest tool for marketing your business to your targeted market. What’s more important is that Internet offers you with effective marketing campaigns unlike those that are used before.

If before television, radio, and print media are the most common ways of promoting your business, today the most common and effective way to do that is through internet marketing. The Internet proposes a lot of tools for people to market their business. They can utilize these tools for the benefit of your business. But the question is, how can you effectively market your business online?

Marketing Your Business Online

When it comes to marketing your business online, the very first thing that you have to consider is to have a website for your business. Virtually, businesses have their websites with the focus of their service on online or offline. Even if your business is small, medium-sized or large, website is a prerequisite when it comes to internet marketing.

But having a website is not necessarily enough. Whether your business is a brick or mortar business or an e-commerce, you can’t just rely to your website because having a site for your website is only the first step in marketing your business. If you really want to successfully market your business online, what you need to do is to incorporate and combine all of the marketing tools that the Internet has to offer you.

Internet Marketing Tools

Website is the most common internet marketing tool that is used by businesses. But, there are still various tools and internet marketing campaigns you can use.

These tools include the following:

  • SEO
  • Social media
  • Emails
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • E-Newsletter
  • Blog
  • Backlinking, etc

These tools are the most commonly used in promoting your business through the internet. Apart from just building a website, optimize the site using SEO keywords and make its content relevant to the services and products that you provide. By optimizing your website with SEO, you can increase your search engine rankings. More people will be able to know about the service and product that you provide.

Blogs that are infused with SEO keywords are also effective in increasing your rankings which in turn drives more traffic to your site. Backlinking is an effective way to promote your service and products to other websites and forums which will increase the number of traffic to your site as well. On the other hand, pay-per-click advertising is an internet practice effective in driving traffic to your site as well. Advertisers simply need to pay a publisher which is typically a website owner every time that an ad is clicked. You can use emails and e-newsletters to reach specific target customers. They are effective internet marketing since you are able to send them to people based on their buying habits and interests.

Social media is the most commonly used marketing campaign online because of the number of people participating in social media networks. By having multiple social media accounts, you can effectively increase the number of people who knew about your service or products as well create a relationship with your customers.

By utilizing these internet marketing tools and campaigns, you can effectively promote your service and product online. You only need to familiarize yourself with how to effectively utilize them. When you do, you can guarantee that more people will use the products and service that you offer them.

How Search Engine Marketing Can Create More Traffic For Your Website

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Search Engine Marketing: Why Its Needed

The success of any business depends on its ability attract and keep customers. With the growing number of internet users, it is not a surprise that many entrepreneurs are embracing online marketing to the boost sale of their products and services. Since most internet users depend on search engines to locate products and services, business owners strive to ensure that their websites or sales pages get a high ranking in order to drive traffic.

There are basically two strategies employed by entrepreneurs to drive online traffic to their website:

  • Using a well articulated Site Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy to increase your page rank for free organic traffic
  • Using Site Engine Marketing (SEM) to get paid traffic and generate targeted leads.

Due to the high level of competition and the sheer number of websites available, achieving a high ranking on a Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP) is not an easy feat. Even with a good SEO strategy, there is little guarantee that your website will get the needed exposure and traffic.
While it is important to pay attention to SEO, relying on it alone wouldn’t get the job done. In order to increase your website traffic, Your SEO strategy must be combined with a well implemented SEM plan.

As earlier mentioned, SEM involves paying for traffic and there are different strategies used in achieving this.
Foremost among these are

  • PPC (Pay per Click) advertising on platforms like Google: AdWords, Bing Ads and Yahoo: Search Ads where you bid for keywords relevant to your niche.
    Paid search advertising
  • CPC (Cost per Click) advertising
  • CPA (Cost per Action) advertising

Benefits of Search Engine Marketing

The goal of SEM is to direct traffic to the relevant section of your website that demands action or decision making from your visitors –a contact form, a sales page or video with a Call-to-Action etc. You are not only increasing traffic to your website, you are also eliciting action. The potential for conversion is therefore higher.
SEM strategies are easier to implement and do not require as much technical know-how as SEO.
SEM gives you better visibility on search engine results because you are given preferential listing on SERPs.

Organic traffic does not necessarily imply relevant or targeted traffic but with SEM, you have some level of control over the kind of leads you get because searches are more related to your line of business. The use of negative keywords in a PPC campaign, for example, increases your chances of getting targeted leads.

With SEM, it is easier to monitor the success of your campaign and review when necessary. Metrics used in measuring performance include click through rate (CTR) site engagement (newsletter subscriptions, downloads, completed contact forms etc) and conversions.


How does online marketing benefit my business?

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Your business is a huge aspect in your life and you are going to want it to thrive and grow as much as possible. Tricks that worked in the past do not work anymore and online marketing has taken their place. Online marketing could be anything from directories to social media marketing. Without a doubt, your business needs online marketing to get exactly where you want it to be.

  • First of all, making your mark online is one of the most important tasks you can have initially. Your online brand is necessary for increasing product or service awareness. Your name and logo should be recognizable, memorable and what your target audience is searching for when they are browsing the web.
  • A majority of your consumers are internet active depending on your business and prefer it over their local newspaper or phonebook, so they use it quite frequently. Consumer preference is important, considering the consumer is what makes your business work. The internet conveniently puts almost everything at the tip of your fingers so make sure your site is one of the first ones that comes up when they are searching in your field.
  • Cost efficiency is a big plus to internet marketing when comparing modern to traditional. The costs of hard copies, printing and blowing up images is dramatically higher than digital designs, a website, marketing articles and social media. Take advantage of the option to avoid busy print shops as much as you can and find your way to online advertising.
  • Convenient availability is a rather large advantage to online marketing. Yourself and the consumer are both busy with your own personal daily agenda. Internet marketing allows scheduled advertisements, 24 hour availability for customers who aren’t on an identical schedule and the allowance of purchases, day or night, by the click of a button.

Save your money and both you and your customers time by investing in online marketing. Social media, online advertising, and marketing via the internet can not detriment your business growth if done correctly.

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Google Analytics: Introduction

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What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free website tracking tool that can be installed on your website simply by creating a Google account and signing up for Google Analytics. The Google Analytics tool allows you to track virtually every important element and action that occurs on your website including visitors to your website, what pages have been viewed, how long a visitor stayed on that page, what keywords they types in, what search engine they used, what browser they use, what country they’re from, what state they’re from, what city they’re from, what page they landed on and MUCH MORE!

The data is almost endless, and there are very few questions that can’t be answered by analyzing your data from Google Analytics.

Do I Need Google Analytics?

If you don’t currently have Google Analytics installed on your website (or some form of website analytics), then you need to either hire an internet marketing company, fire your current one, or learn how to install and manage it yourself. One of the most beneficial reasons why internet marketing is so powerful and successful is due to the ability to precisely track it’s effectiveness using Google Analytics.

If you’re new to Google Analytics and are not sure exactly what everything means in the dashboard, how to understand it, or what the data means, then this series is just what you need. We’ll be discussing how to install it, how to use it, what everything means, and how to utilize the data to improve your website.

Top 10 Internet Marketing Essentials

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10. Change/Add content
One of the biggest failures of an effective website is not changing or adding content. Google needs to see a ‘live’ site; it shouldn’t appear abandoned or neglected. Most business owners work to get their site perfect, but this is a flawed logic.

9. Expand on your best service/product
You know what you do well or what sells the best, now determine out of your top three services or products which one is the most profitable: Welcome to your next website. Isolating and expanding on that one item will greatly increase your ranking and will position your company to be well known for it.

8. Tap your untapped customers
I’ve consulted so many business owners and they actually feel guilty asking a customer who’s ALREADY said yes once into asking them to say yes again! Or they have the attitude they sold them everything they can and they have ‘tapped them out’. This couldn’t be more wrong. You have two roads to explore on this topic: 1) Create/find a premium product/service that greatly exceeds your existing items, and 2) incentivize your clients to refer other clients. Social networking, such as Facebook, is perfect for both of these ideas since you can educate on the benefits of the better item and create incentives, like having referral contests or giving away free products or services.

7. Explore online sales channels
This might be the hardest hurdle when I meet with business owners. It’s as if I asked them to sell their children, a total look of horror comes across their face! They say, ‘I don’t know anything about that.’ Or, ‘How do I control it.’ Or ‘We have to educate our customer before they buy, that won’t work.’ ‘Blah blah Excuse, Excuse’. Remember, any sale can happen on the internet! You just have to be open to different ideas, different methods, different packaging, but it can happen and multiply your business exponentially. If you have 10 sales people, you can grow your channels to over 100 with just a little effort. Then we’re looking at a different problem… Uh oh, I’m making TOO much money!!!
Corporate Partnerships, Expert Bloggers, Local Celebrities, High Traffic Websites, Affiliate Programs, Referral Programs, Symbiotic Sales Channels, there are many ways for any type of business; you just have to explore it.

6. Start being the expert you are!
Some like him, some don’t, but there are a lot of truths in Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Tipping Point and one fact that has stuck with me is the story of The Beatles and how they went to Amsterdam to get some gigs and well before they were ‘The Beatles’. They played on stage 8-12 hours a day and over their time ‘practicing in Amsterdam’ logged over 10,000 hours together as a band. You just can’t substitute ‘practice’. Malcolm went on to cite how other professionals exceeded this 10,000 hour threshold which put them into the ‘expert’ category of their profession. Have you practiced your profession enough? If you are over the magical 10,000 hours, then consider yourself an expert and start teaching your customers, your staff, your prospects that you know what you’re doing! You’ll be surprised that you actually do.

5. It’s all about your Portfolio
Another difficult topic for business owners is bragging. This is one area you might have to swallow your fear, pride, what have you, and ask a few of your co-workers, a friend/customer, or even your spouse to help you brag about your business and about your ‘expert’ qualities. Then you need to post it on your site and in your social media on a consistent basis. This will show others how you do business, and why people buy from you. People inherently attract to success and it’s your job to show you’re successful.

4. Have you Googled your company?
I know, I know, why is something so negative so high on the list? As you may unfortunately have learned, the Internet has a perfect (albeit flawed) memory and anyone can post anything. You need to know what is being said about your company and about you, the business owner. There are ways to counteract negative comments: Hit them HEAD ON!!! Whether it’s Yelp, Facebook, or a Blog, you are also allowed your free speech and can rectify the problem either directly with the unsatisfied customer or post your rebuttal that you ‘did this and that to ensure it would never happen again’ or give a discount/coupon for their troubles. The bottom line is to respond and try to fix and/or apologize, it’s simply good business and it’s surprising how many businesses, especially doctors and lawyers, do not handle this correctly.

3. Facebook is for fun 😉
As we all say, if you’re not having fun, might as well go home. Do you honestly think people want to work or ‘get an offer’ or ‘insert boring corporate tactic here’ when they log into FB? Now I get it, some of you have no idea how to make your business fun. “But Joe!, I sell Port-a-Potties!!!” or worse “But Joe!, I sell Insurance!!!” No matter what you do or what your sell there is always a punch line. Remember to lighten up because your customers will always remember a laugh.

2. Put your best deals in eMail
Again, thank you Google for controlling our email; sort of. We still get the offers because, frankly, we WANT offers, we want a good deal. But these days, you better bring your ‘A’ game. Everyone has something to offer and now it has become one giant sea of 10% off. If you keep that up my business owner friend and you’ll get an unsubscribe faster than a Tea Partier yelling at Republican Debate. You know what you can discount and you know what can turn a prospect into ‘trying you out’. Pick your spots, less is more, then go for it… even if it hurts a little.

1. No, you can’t do it all
It’s important this day in age to have a trustworthy company at your side, partnering with you in your internet marketing efforts. This is the formula for great success. VRoooom Web has been able to catapult new and existing business of all sizes into the world wide web; expanding their presence, driving traffic, and producing results.

You can also have one on one meetings with ALL your employees, find out their interest on the web and PUT THEM IN CHARGE OF IT! That college part-time assistant in accounting just might be a Facebook expert (actually I bet she is), that guy back in shipping just might like to write a few articles about the business WITH HIS NAME AS THE AUTHOR! You have untapped resources right in front of you; explore those. Create incentives, help build resumes, enable pride at your company. Then, when all else fails, ask your spouse what to do. They’ll tell you to call 706-576-4702

About the Author: Joe Wagenti co-founded VRoooom Technology way back in 1999 and has acted as the director of operations ever since. Logging over 10,000 hours in each discipline of VRoooom: Web Design, Application Development, Marketing, and Hosting, he feels he can finally come out of his shell and talk about these topics a little. Joe is also available for consulting and parties. For more info on VRoooom or Joe, call Angela Wagenti at 706-576-4702 or email her at sales@vroooom.com.

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Which Browser is Best? Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome?

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Internet Explorer, Firefox & Google Chrome

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Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome?

There are literally dozens of browsers that we could discuss, but these 3 consistently rank in the top 3 most used (with the exception of Safari), with Opera sitting at number 4 but not even producing numbers worth discussing.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer used to dominate the world wide web as the only browser even worth considering to use, with about 90% of users using it as their primary browser. And then came Firefox. Firefox quickly took off becoming the second most used browser on the market, and it succeeded in capturing some of the dedicated Internet Explorer users. Firefox is now the primary browser for approximately 26% of computer users.

Internet Explorer’s biggest failures are its security risks and how slow it functions.

It has also become a recent pain for developers, as it follows its own sets of rules in how it displays divs, tables, icons, images, links, header tags, and more. It used to have the freedom to dictate these things, but soon it will need to realize that the market is growing, and it can no longer operate under the same old code that it has always offered.


Firefox’s success has shined by offering it as an open-source browser. Open-source simply means that it is driven by a large community of people, in which nearly anyone can develop tools, plug-ins or add-ons that can be downloaded and used in Firefox. Firefox was also the first browser to offer tabbing, instead of having to open new windows, which often led to a messy task bar.

One of Firefox’s biggest benefits is the add-ons and plug-ins that it offers. The spectrum of tools offered range in everything from web developer and design tools, to shopping and coupon tools, to entertainment tools. The list goes on for everything, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for now, chances are that it will be developed in the near future.

Firefox is much faster than IE, but a bit slower than Google Chrome.

And Then Came Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the moderate in-between, which is now used by approximately 13% of users. It does not offer as many add-ons or plug-ins as Firefox, but it makes up for the missing tools with speed. Google Chrome is by far the fastest browser around, and it’s URL field double as a search engine tool. A very nice addition.

Both Google Chrome and Firefox display web pages and special functionality similarly.

Google Chrome’s only downfall is that some special features and custom web applications may not yet be compatible with Chrome.

So, Which Browser is the Best One?

I cannot name a “best” internet browser because both Firefox and Google Chrome have their benefits, with very little negative aspects surrounding them. I can however tell you that IE is quickly turning into an antique browser. It’s slow, has too many bugs, and refuses to work in harmony with other search engines.

If you’re not big on add-ons, then Google Chrome the best internet browser for you. It’s extremely fast, and offers some great search tools built into the platform.

If you want flexibility in regards to add-ons and plug-ins, then Firefox will be your browser of choice. There is a countless number of features that can be very beneficial for developers, designers.

Internet Explorer is really only good for a few things, one of which is pulling up old, out-dated websites that are only compatible on IE. The other is for compatibility testing, which really isn’t a benefit, just a necessary use.

Facebook Browser & Search Engine

With Mark Zucky basically taking over the world one Facebook user at a time, I suspect that he will be launching either a new Facebook browser or Facebook search engine one day. He has the marketing platforms in place, along with the technology vehicles to move users over from other browsers and search engines.

Simple Tips to Help Increase the Conversion Rate on Your Website

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Simple Tips to Help Increase the Conversion Rate on Your Website

1) Add a Visible Phone Number to Your Header

This is especially helpful for a service based business. Give the customer a direct and simple way to contact you, even if it’s just to ask questions. It makes your company more transparent and as a result, the customer will trust your business more.

We as a website development company use this tactic on our own website; we can verify it definitely helps to get calls in the door. Even if the customer calls and leaves a voicemail, that’s still potential business.

2) Make Your Quote and Order System Easier to Use

When we launched a website redesign on our own site earlier this year, we made the Request a Quote page much easier to use. We use to have a 4 page long form that required every single detail to be filled in before the potential client could submit it, which resulted in very few submits on the form. Now it’s a simple 1 page form that only requires 4 fields, which results in many more quote requests than before.

We also added a contact form which clients could contact us directly with, instead of having to load up their email to contact us. We’ve seen a great response in usability and conversions by changing these two features.

3) Make Your Portfolio Worthy of Looking At

Another thing we redesigned on our new website was our own Web Design Portfolio. The old one wasn’t user friendly, and when viewing a single site in the portfolio, it required the user to go back all the way to the start of the portfolio to view other sites. Our new one let’s users go between projects and categories extremely easy. Adding consistently and frequently to the portfolio also shows potential clients that others trust your brand.

When a potential client sees what your business is capable of, they will be more likely to invest in your services.

4) Use Google Website Optimizer to Increase Conversions

The Google Website Optimizer allows you to split test beyond your hearts desire. Let’s say you have two ideas for a contact page, but you aren’t sure which would work better. You can use the Website Optimizer to test Page A and test Page B to see which users of your website prefer. It could mean the difference between 40% conversion rate and a 50% conversion rate.

It can also show you which techniques are currently working, and which won’t work. Why fix something that isn’t broken?

What is Social Media? | Social Media in a Nutshell

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What Is Social Media? | Social Media In A Nutshell

What Is Social Media?

The best way to answer the question “what is social media?” is to break it down into it’s component definitions. Let’s take a loot at what social media is, as well as some examples, and good practices to consider when trying to utilize it in your business or brand.

The Breakdown: Social Media Defined

Media is defined as an instrument, tool, or platform that relays communication and information. Some basic examples would be the newspaper, TV, the internet or a radio.

The word “Social” is simply defined as connecting and interacting with people through activities or events. The word “interacting” is key to defining social media.

Now we can look at the big picture. Social media in its simplest form, is implementing media via platforms that promote community interaction… or communities of people. This allows for media to be easily spread throughout a particular group, website, organization or geographical location through the people involved in that community. Social media is also a great way to create brand awareness, and spread your company’s logo design around the web… making the presence of your business known.

Social media done correctly can lead to what is known as viral marketing.

Viral marketing is a term that describes the distribution and growth of a particular piece of media (like a video) that spreads organically by the community sharing it with others. This can be done in person, through websites like Facebook, on blogs, text messaging, videos and more!

In Web 2.0 terms, this would be a website that doesn’t just give you information, but interacts with you while giving you that information, while also allowing you to interact with other people inside of that community. This interaction can be as simple as asking for your comments or letting you vote on an article, or it can be as complex as Netflix recommending movies to you based on the ratings of other people with similar interests.

Think of regular media as a one-way street where you can read a newspaper or listen to a report on television, but you have very limited ability to give your thoughts on the matter. You talking back to the TV, or writing comments on your printed newspaper, have no affect on the information, and there is no avenue that allows other people to see your shared ideas.

Social media, on the other hand, is a two-way street that gives you the ability to communicate on several levels.

Using Social Media For Your Business

So now that we have answered what social media is, let’s take a look at a few different types of social media platforms. Social media can be

used to run a successful social marketing campaign for your business. Facebook and YouTube are the number one social media sites right now, and both are showing proven trends in regards to how they are used for businesses and organizations of all sizes. If you don’t have a Facebook fan page setup for your business yet… it is time to jump on the bandwagon.

With Facebook being a free site to join, and having a network of nearly 600 million users, it’s sort of a no-brainer as to why your business should have a Facebook fan page. Currently, there is no easier way to spread the word about your business than to do so using Facebook. Facebook is a defining tool in the social media world, and it allows users to easy “like” your business, which then opens the opportunity for their friends to “like” it, and there friends, and so on.

Are you starting to see how this good be a good thing?

On your end, you can use Facebook to announce specials, announce news updates about your company, promote events, and more. You can also build a semi-personal relationship with your fans, guests and customers through this social media outlet.

YouTube is another great social media tool. You can create your own commercials, preview your products and services, or even make a funny video that may end up getting a lot of attention. Copy and paste the link to send to friends, or embed the video on your website and Facebook wall for even more attention. Using social video has never been easier, and YouTube is leading the way in the world of viral video.

There are literally hundreds of other social media sites, and we don’t have time to discuss them all here, but this should get you pointed in the right direction. It should also equip you with a little bit of knowledge that you can present to your website development team.

If you are looking for a social media marketing company to handle all of your social media and social marketing, then contact VRoooom Web today to get started!

10 Basic SEO Tips to Consider

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Top 10 SEO Tips | SEO Company

Top 10 Basic SEO Tips, Methods & Techniques

1 ) SEO Planning Plan your foundation SEO and website marketing strategy before you get started on developing your website. You’ll highly regret it if you wait until you’ve already started to start thinking about your strategy. This means developing unique keyword phrases, and writing unique content that supports those keywords. Content is king.

2 ) Keyword Research & Planning Hire an SEO company to do some keyword research for you, or use the necessary tools to do it yourself. I recommend using a professional company that has trained analysis in being able to dissect the information that is being researched.

Make a list of 5-10 keyword phrases that describe your products, services and company. Include locations if you are targeting a local customer. Do not use single word keywords, use 2-4 word phrases for best results.

Example: If you were a website designer located in Columbus, Georgia, then you would want to use a term like “Columbus Georgia Website Design” as your keyword phrase. To use a more broad search term, you could target Georgia Website Design. You wouldn’t just want to use “homes” as that could target someone looking to rent homes, sell homes, paint homes, sell appliances for homes, etc. Target your keywords to generate qualified customers. Make sure that you are using keywords that are actually being searched.

3 ) Content Is King This is the most important factor that will determine your website’s ranking on search engines like Google. You must have unique content. The more the better.

If you try to use content that is identical to other websites, then Google will not index it. Why does it need to show two of the same results? It doesn’t, so whoever published it originally is going to get all of the credit for the content. This is why the content must be unique.

Your best results will come from written articles that discuss something new; something that people are searching for on the web that may not have quality content yet available. For instance, if there was a new product in development (we’ll call it a “Shoebuddy Do Dop”), and nobody had written anything about it yet except for you, then most likely you’re going to be the site that ranks highest in Google for searches regarding the Shoebuddy Do Dop.

If there are 10 sites that have all published very similar content, then this is where other factors will play a role such as organic link popularity, domain age, the frequency at which new content is added to your site, unique page titles, and unique page descriptions, among other techniques.

Pre-write the content for your website and include your keywords and keywords phrases logically throughout the content. Try to use one keyword phrase every other paragraph in various forms. Make sure that you write content that users would actually read. It needs to make sense so that it doesn’t just sound like as bunch of keywords jumbled together. Search engines can see trends like that and it will end up hurting you. Include keyword phrases on every page. Most importantly, write the content for your users, not for search engines.

Building Your Website

It’s time to start building your website. Here are a few important things that you need to make sure your website design company is doing. If they’re not doing these few basics, it’s not a good sign, and you probably need to find a new website design company.

4 ) Meta Tag: Keywords It’s true that because of the deceitful trickery that people have used in the past, Google no longer sees Meta Keywords as important or as relevant as they used to be. That doesn’t mean to leave them out! Some smaller search engines still use the meta keyword tag, so as long as you’re using keywords that are honestly relevant to your website, then it won’t hurt you to add them.

Try to keep the keywords between 10-15 keywords. Separate them with commas.

meta name=”keywords” content= Enter up to 10 keywords that are relevant to your website & services.

5 ) Meta Tag: Page Title & Description These are the most important meta tags on your site. They are the first things that people searching the web will see when the results display on your page. If they are searching for “Columbus Georgia Website Design” and your website comes up, but the page is “Untitled” or has something that does not properly relay the message for that page, then it may never get clicked on.

The description tag also shows in the display of your search results, so create unique page descriptions for each section of your website. This will allow people to get a brief description of the page they are about to click on.

SEO For Your Images

Website design has gotten much prettier these days with the use of website editing tools and software that allows designers to expand their visual and cosmetic effects and not rely solely on HTML coding and basic digital imaging.

With this in mind, we must still be sure to fuse images correctly with html, or other web language formats. Here we’ll discuss a few important things that you need to know when using images… and how to use them correctly and efficiently.

6 ) Optimizing Images: When using images in your website design, it is essential that you optimize the images correctly. If an image is too large of a file size, then it will look good, but the page will take longer to load. If you make the image file size too small, then the page will load fast, but the quality of the image will be poor. Make sure to set your images to the smallest file size, while retaining the highest quality possible to the human eye. There are professional web design tools that are used for this.

7 ) Naming Your Images: Make sure that you name your images using words that associate with your website and keywords that you have chosen. At the same time, they should describe the actual image. For instance, don’t name your images something crazy like 24524rhhrkhr3809.jpg, or something simple like pic1.jpg. Instead, make your image names matter. If you own a landscaping company, name your images something similar to landscaping-services-button.jpg, or landscaping-company-in-georgia.jpg. This will contribute to your SEO strategy in the long run, and will also get your images into search results.

8 ) Using ALT Tags: Each image should have an ALT tag attached to it (alt=”alt image name”). Because search engines can’t identify what the image(s) look like effectively, what color they are, what their purpose is, what text is on them, etc. you must identify them using ALT tags, which act as “name tags” or “invisible ink” for the image(s) they represent. ALT tags also help users in the case that images don’t load correctly; the user will still be able to read the image names on each page.

9 ) Permanent Page Redirect: Your website should be setup with a permanent redirect that redirects your website to only be displayed in one format, regardless of how it is typed into the browser. For example, if someone types in vroooo.com, it should redirect to http://www.vroooom.com. Otherwise, some search engines will index the site has being two separate sites, which may lead to your content being improperly indexed.

Including A Sitemap

10 ) Sitemap Every website should have a properly developed sitemap. A sitemap on your website is simply an index of all of the pages on your website listed in a neat, orderly fashion. This allows for search engines to index your sitemap page, and have a “map” to all of the pages on your site.

A good sitemap should look similar to this one here.

This is a technical SEO function that should be set in your .htaccess or site config page.

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