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How Search Engine Marketing Can Create More Traffic For Your Website

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Search Engine Marketing: Why Its Needed

The success of any business depends on its ability attract and keep customers. With the growing number of internet users, it is not a surprise that many entrepreneurs are embracing online marketing to the boost sale of their products and services. Since most internet users depend on search engines to locate products and services, business owners strive to ensure that their websites or sales pages get a high ranking in order to drive traffic.

There are basically two strategies employed by entrepreneurs to drive online traffic to their website:

  • Using a well articulated Site Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy to increase your page rank for free organic traffic
  • Using Site Engine Marketing (SEM) to get paid traffic and generate targeted leads.

Due to the high level of competition and the sheer number of websites available, achieving a high ranking on a Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP) is not an easy feat. Even with a good SEO strategy, there is little guarantee that your website will get the needed exposure and traffic.
While it is important to pay attention to SEO, relying on it alone wouldn’t get the job done. In order to increase your website traffic, Your SEO strategy must be combined with a well implemented SEM plan.

As earlier mentioned, SEM involves paying for traffic and there are different strategies used in achieving this.
Foremost among these are

  • PPC (Pay per Click) advertising on platforms like Google: AdWords, Bing Ads and Yahoo: Search Ads where you bid for keywords relevant to your niche.
    Paid search advertising
  • CPC (Cost per Click) advertising
  • CPA (Cost per Action) advertising

Benefits of Search Engine Marketing

The goal of SEM is to direct traffic to the relevant section of your website that demands action or decision making from your visitors –a contact form, a sales page or video with a Call-to-Action etc. You are not only increasing traffic to your website, you are also eliciting action. The potential for conversion is therefore higher.
SEM strategies are easier to implement and do not require as much technical know-how as SEO.
SEM gives you better visibility on search engine results because you are given preferential listing on SERPs.

Organic traffic does not necessarily imply relevant or targeted traffic but with SEM, you have some level of control over the kind of leads you get because searches are more related to your line of business. The use of negative keywords in a PPC campaign, for example, increases your chances of getting targeted leads.

With SEM, it is easier to monitor the success of your campaign and review when necessary. Metrics used in measuring performance include click through rate (CTR) site engagement (newsletter subscriptions, downloads, completed contact forms etc) and conversions.

Toyota to Introduce Revolutionary Safety Features in Their Vehicles

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In Japan, the Toyota Motor Corp. is testing new safety systems to be installed in cars that will allow vehicles to communicate with other vehicles and alert drivers of unfavorable driving conditions.

The cars will be able to receive information from sensors and transmitters installed on streets to minimize accidents, such as running a red light, cars advancing from blind spots or even a pedestrian crossing the street. Toyota’s experiment also allows Toyota’s to “communicate” with other Toyota vehicles.

Monday, reporters were allowed to test drive cars installed with this new system on an artificial road system installed with sensors. The presence of a pedestrian trigger a beeping alert inside the car and an image of person was shown on the windshield. If it a driver was about to ignore a red light, an electronic female voice would remind the driver, “It’s a red light.”

The artificial roads were located at Toyota’s newest test facility estimated to be larger than three major league baseball fields and is located next the breathtaking Mount Fuji in central Japan’s Shizuoka Prefecture.

Officials at Toyota say this new smart-car technology will be tested on some actual Japanese roads beginning in 2014. They also told reporters similar tests are planned for the U.S., although few details were revealed.

According to Toyota, they expect the technology to be effective because half of car accidents happen at intersections. Managing Officer Moritaka Yoshida said her company views preventing collisions, avoiding pedestrian accidents will also greatly help the driving ability of the elderly.

Nissan Motor Co., a major rival of Toyota, has also recently revealed cars smart enough to stop on their own, park themselves, and to swerve away from pedestrians who suddenly interrupt the vehicles path.

Another safety feature Toyota hopes to implement is a system to enable drivers to brake harder to prevent hitting other vehicles from behind. Officials at Toyota said drivers often get into a panic and fail to push the breaks hard enough.

Toyota hinted the technology would soon be available for Lexus luxury models that already offer a number of safety features such as automatic breaking. The company has not given an official date as to when these new developments will be implemented into their vehicles.

America’s Growing Dependence On Cellphones A Liability During Disasters

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The downside of America’s growing dependence on cell phones has become increasingly apparent to the East Coast during Hurricane Sandy, it has become harder to communicate in emergencies.

Landlines are now seen by many consumers to be ancient technology and many now communicate more often with cellphones and other mobile devices. Unlike most landlines, these devices require electricity so if the power goes out, so does the ability to communicate.

According to sources, almost 40 percent of American homes are wireless with no landlines. There are now only 550,000 landlines in the country, which is down a staggering amount from the 2.1 million pay phones that existed a decade earlier, according to the Federal Communications Commission.

Experts say the traditional methods of communications (land lines) are much more reliable in an emergency as they can work even when electricity is down.

Studies of cellular companies such as AT&T and Verizon say the telecommunications industry are investing less in landline networks as the demand has dwindled in recent years.

Recent storms like Hurricane Sandy and Katrina, as well as other natural disasters, have led a few public interest groups to argue that wireless providers should provide backup power for cell phone towers to ensure service during disasters. The industry responded by saying it would be too expensive t

o implement.

The plan would also require large amount of gasoline to power to the generators, a scarce source in a natural disaster.

On Tuesday, when Hurricane Sandy hit, 25 percent of cell towers went down in storm-affected regions. Almost 15 percent remained out still by Friday morning with downed trees and flooding keeping many crews from repairing the towers.


HTML5: The Flash Killer

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HTML5 vs Flash… that is the big debate right now in the world of website design and development. With all of the new HTML5 features now offered, it’s likely that Flash will grow obsolete more and more every day.

There’s been a Mac vs PC struggle since the beginning of computers, and the Flash element is simply an old off-shoot to the struggle.

In my opinion, Flash never stood a chance. Between the complete lack of SEO capability and the compatibility issues that it has had with Apple products (use, that includes the iPad and iPhone), it’s been suffocating for quite some time. The only element of success that Flash had was it’s interactive, movie-like abilities, and cutting edge effects. HTML5 has taken the first steps to take care of all of these concerns… and it’s search engine friendly.

With the increase in mobile device sales exploding over the last year, website design companies have no choice but to design websites with mobile devices in mind, which means leaving Flash to the side.

HTML5 has its own set of obstacles to defeat. Flash is primarily web designer friendly, while HTML5 is geared more towards developers. This is going to force Flash developers to start learning HTML5, along with web designers. The good news is that anyone that is just starting to get into this industry, can start fresh by learning HTML5. The assessment could be made that Adobe is working on new software (similar to Adobe Flash) that will make developing and designing in HTML5 extremely easy. Adobe HTML5 software coming soon? Most likely.

Flash Pros
• Flash has some already available design tools, and a long-established history with website designers.

Flash Cons
• Flash does not play on many mobile devices, including the iPad and iPhone
• Flash requires downloads and plugins that many will neglect to download
• Flash is terrible to implement into an effective Search Engine Marketing program
• Slow loading times

HTML5 Pros
• Mobile device friendly
• SEO compatible
• Fast loading times

HTML5 Cons
• Still new for designers and developers
• No software tools for production or editing

AT&T Competes in the Social Coupon Market

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AT&T Competes in Coupon Market

There is now another player in the list of Groupon competitors: AT&T. The communications company recently announced it would start marketing daily deals via email and eventually to cell phones via text messages. On Monday, AT&T started pre-registering companies in major cities such as Atlanta, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Los Angeles via it’s yp.com site. AT&T is putting $10 towards the first Deal of the Day for companies that sign up through May 22.

Spokeswoman for AT&T, Dawn Benton, says the move is a natural one for AT&T. “Our Yellow Pages is a trusted brands that millions already turn to,” Benton said.

In the past few weeks, Facebook and Google both have also started making their way into the coupon market by offering similar services on their sites. Groupon already turned down a $6 billion offer from Google in December of 2010, which suggests there may still be a lot of money to be made in this industry.

While it’s interesting to see all these companies competing, it’s a great thing for consumers. We get the advantages of having multiple sites offering us multiple daily coupons.

VRoooom Web Launches New Website

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Columbus Website Design Company

VRoooom Web has just launched a new website geared towards providing our visitors with an exceptional online user experience.

Whether you’re looking for a website design company in Columbus, Georgia, or from around the world, VRoooom has the perfect recipe of creative design, cutting-edge technologies, competitive pricing, and online marketing tools to catapult your business on the road of success.

It’s time to take that next step. It’s time to add the necessary fuel to your business. Let VRoooom lead the way!