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Vroooom And Mobile Web Design

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Mobile Web Design: Changes For the Future

The Internet is changing. While web development is still primarily focused on creating sites that work well for desktop and notebook paradigms, mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets are taking over. It is a trend that show no signs of slowing, and there are more smart devices being sold today than desktops and notebooks. The adoption of smart devices is a trend that is here to stay.Business have to begin focusing more into mobile web design.

The demands of mobile development differ starkly from development for desktop and notebook browsers. With smaller screens and touch-based interfaces, users interact with websites in a profoundly different way. Complex interfaces and excessive text renders web sites cumbersome and, in some cases, completely unusable. Smalls tweaks will not fix the problem; fundamental redesign is necessary. Today, web development often requires two different websites.

Ignoring the mobile web design market is not just a wasted opportunity. Potential customers are not always supplementing their web browsing with these new devices; oftentimes, they are replacing their desktops or notebooks. Concurrent with this increase in smart device users is a decline in the number of people browsing from a desktop or notebook browser. Simply put, ignoring smart devices will cost a company customers.

Having a well-designed, smart device-friendly website will attract customers and send the message that your business cares about their satisfaction. After visiting several competitors’ sites and leaving due to poor design, you future customers will be pleased that you have taken the effort to prioritize you accessibility. A mobile-friendly website shows professionalism and attentiveness. Mobile-friendly websites show that you are proactive.

Vroooom offers cutting-edge website design for the changing marketplace. By focusing on that which makes for a good mobile web design site, Vroooom can create a site that will impress your potential customers and encourage them to stay and look around. Length of stay on a website correlates with the likelihood that they will make a purchase or stop by your store.

And Vroooom offers techniques to integrate your site with social media platforms such as Facebook. With the consumer-based demand for new ways of connecting with businesses, maintaining and driving traffic to your Facebook page will lead to new customers in a way than traditional advertising cannot replicate.

Free Mobile Website Included With All New Website Design Projects

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Free Mobile Website Included With All New Website Design Projects

The importance of having a mobile website design is critical to the marketing efforts for your business. In order to make life easier, we’re offering free mobile websites included with all new web design projects. If your website is designed correctly, then most smart phones will be able to view it even if it was not designed specifically for smart phones or other mobile devices such as tablets and Apple’s iPad.

However, it is important to note that for best optimization, loading times, user experience, and functionality, you should also have a mobile version of your company website. This allows for swift navigation geared towards touch screens, sliding page functionality, and ease of use.

Mobile websites use limited images, and provide the user with only the essentials from your main website. Most people searching from a smart phone or mobile device want a website that is extremely easy to navigate. This is where our expertise comes in.

Claim Your Free Mobile Website Today!

To take advantage of our gift to you, simply click here to request a quote, or call us at 706.576.4702.

SEO: Google Local Results

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SEO: Google Local Results

The Google search algorithm will never be completely understood. While some very accurate assumptions can be made, and we can learn a lot from Google’s press releases and written updates, it’s ever-changing lifestyle will always keep search engine marketers and website developers on their toes.

One of their more recent changes was the growing predominance of local search results. It directly effects your search by taking into consideration where the location of the search generated geographically.

For instance: Let’s say you live in Atlanta, Georgia, and you’re looking for a website design company. You’ve contacted all of the companies in your area and you haven’t really found what you’re looking for. So you head over to Google and start your search again. It’s likely that you’re search will start with something like “website design company.” Previously, a search like this would produce results from various locations around the country, and whichever website was better optimized nationally would produce the better ranking. It truly was battle of the fittest.

Since local search has been a new focus of Google’s algorithm, the landscape of the results has changed as well.

Searching for something vague, like “website design company” or even slightly more specific like “Georgia website design” will now take into consideration where the search is being made from, and will produce more localized results.

For smaller companies, this is good news. You won’t be competing as much with national corporate business in regards to search, because Google will start producing results specific to your business location. That means that if someone searches for “website design company” in Georgia, they’re not going to be bombarded with results from all over the country. Google is trying to do some thinking for you. It will produce results almost as if you added in your state and city into the search, but will still allow for national results to be produced. As an example, if you live in Columbus, Georgia and search for the term “website design company,” your results will include website design companies in Columbus, Georgia.

Some Growing Concerns

The downside to local results is that companies that are optimized nationally will be effected by this. The business that used to own vague search results will be impacted by local search producing local results. Nationally optimized websites will still rank really well, but some businesses will be moved down the results list because of local results.

With these changes occurring, it is important that you assure that your company is optimized for local search. Start simply by making sure your business location and address are clearly stated throughout the website. You’ll also want to make sure that you have claimed or verified your Google places listing, as this will improve traffic to your site from local searches as well, probably more than anything else.

Concerns are starting to spark up all over the web. Below is a perfect example of the growing concerns coming from business owners, as well as the benefits to some of the smaller, less optimized website owners.

One person wrote:

“The party is officially over. It was bad enough to be the #1 result for a local search, and have to deal with three competitors being listed with a map regardless of how poorly their sites were optimized. Google has now pushed sponsored listings away from the top of the page, and is listing up to 10 businesses in the local results. Despite having the top spot in the organic results, now I don’t even show up in the ten local results listed. I was just starting to tolerate being overlookd for three less experienced companies, now I’m the 11th name they’ll see. Anyone else affected by this?”

The very next comment was “Exactly the opposite for me ;-)”

Georgia Website Design Company

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VRoooom Technology is an industry leading Georgia website design company with more than a decade of experience providing first-class web services to its clients. With offices in both Atlanta and Columbus, Georgia, VRoooom has continued to set the bar high and raise the standard of excellence in terms of website design and internet marketing.

There are plenty of web design companies in Georgia, but few of them offer the quality of service that VRoooom has been providing for more than 12 years.

Big Business Quality. Small Business Price.

VRoooom’s capabilities in web design, development and online marketing are virtually limitless, but we don’t our vast professional technical skills infringe on our ability to build personal relationships with each of our clients. We understand the need to have an open, direct line to those involved with your project.

Angela, the owner of VRoooom, will likely be one of the first people you meet. She is very adamant about taking care of our clients and making sure that you have complete confidence in us.

Lauren is the “go-to” for just about anything. She is “the voice” on the phone at VRoooom, and will also be the one that greets you at the door if you ever stop by for a visit. Lauren can also assist you with any type of needs, questions or concerns pertaining to your web design project.

If you ever visit VRoooom in Columbus, Georgia, then it’s likely that you’ll also meet the guys in the back responsible for the design, development, and optimization of your website. You’ll typically find our team of graphic designers, project managers, programmers, developers and marketing gurus crashing away at the keyboard… hard at work, of course.

We’re confident that you’ll enjoy working with VRoooom on all of your Georgia web design needs, and we look forward to adding you to our extended family!