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Top Ten Myths About Search Engine Optimization

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There are a lot of people that believe search optimization is the only concept that can help them survive in the market; to a certain extent, it is true. In today’s world, the only world that can make you (or completely break you) is the virtual planet of internet. It is that digital land where every business can create its space and be known to the target audience because most of the people are now online.

You may be well-equipped with the knowledge about search optimization, but there are certain myths about search engine optimization that most of the people have in their minds regarding this concept. Let’s see some of the most popular ones:

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1) Content is the only ingredient you need – No doubt a website must have amazing content to attract ‘eyefalls’ to it; but it is not the only thing that can help you prosper.

2) It doesn’t matter where you rank – Most of the SEO developers believe that ranking doesn’t matter anymore; indeed there’s no top ten list in the present time, but this does not mean that the actual visitors don’t care about it either.

3) Social media is the new hype – Of course, with all those people disclosing most of their personal lives on internet, social networking pages serve your business needs, but those aren’t the only things left under the concept of search optimization.

4) Black hat SEO can kill your page – Black Hat SEO is surely illegal and you can be banned from internet for a long time; however, there are several ways in which you can adopt the concept of black hat SEO, yet not be caught.

5) Keyword density is the only mantra – It is quite obvious that keyword density needs to be on the higher side, but this does not mean that you don’t need higher quality content and an excellently designed website.

6) Money can pull your position – Money can only make you earn nice content, it can’t pull or push you up!

7) PPC is the only option – Pay Per Click is a good option to help you, but it can’t motivate your SEO in any way. If you don’t trust me – research about it.

8) SEO is extremely expensive – There are still many entrepreneurs that believe SEO is super expensive, but there are many affordable SEO service providers.

9) It is not mandatory to explore SEO – If you think your traditional method of working is sufficient enough to suffice your business needs and you don’t need SEO, think again.

10) It is a very time consuming process – I completely agree that you need a little bit of time to see the success of search optimization, but it is not at all an extremely lengthy process.


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