Web page design is a very important aspects of launching your new website. Web page design helps to promote your brand, should reflect how people see your business, and should convert people into customers. Your web page design should look clean, be professional, be user-friendly, and reflect you! Here are some tips when deciding what your web page design include:

1. What colors do you use to promote your business?

Do you have a logo? When you need a website designed for you, you should know the colors you would like to use. If you already have a logo, you may want to include these colors in your site. Having more than one color is a good start but having too many colors can be a bit much. If you can’t decide what colors go well together, your web designer should be able to guide you.

2. Pictures and content

Pictures and content are a crucial part of your web page design. It is always good if you have that ready to give to the designer when you attend your design meeting. Pictures make the website along with other things. You want customers to be able to connect with your photo’s. Photo’s of your team may help users feel as if they know you. Also colorful photos catch viewers attention.

3. Know your customers

Are you customer visiting your site to purchase something? What are they looking for when they visit your site? These are questions to ask yourself. If you are selling a product you web design will include pages for this and the layout is important.

4. How do I want to project my image to others?

If your business is on the more serious side, you may want to use darker colors and a clean, professional business layout. If you want your business to be perceived as fun, you may want to use lighter, brighter colors.

5. The general layout that works for your buisness

 Do you want to sell and product through your site? Do you just want to advertise your services? If you just want to advertise your services, you need a layout that provides ease of use for the customers your site attracts. All websites should be user friendly but if you do not need an e commerce site, the layout will generally be a bit more simple. It’s always good to pick out a few sites you like so you can give the web designer a feel of what you prefer when it comes to your site.