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Technology: Here to Stay?

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From the first invention that was ever created to blueprints of products that are merely a gleam in someone’s eye, our development of technology has improved so much. We’ve traveled so far in some aspects, from an invention by Alexander Graham Bell enabling us to talk through electricity via massive wired machines to the modern day mobile cellular device that fits discreetly in our hands. Updating our daily sciences and improvising is actually less difficult nowadays, but what stays with us as “flawless” and what gets revised?
We depend on communication whether it’s for our career or for personal leisure. We’re now capable of simultaneously walking down the street and holding a conversation with someone in a different state or even a foreign country thousands of miles away. Cell phones have transformed entirely into technology that was simply daydreamed of in the 1900’s. Brick sized cellular devices turned into flip phones which were converted to touch screen smart phones and now have capabilities such as that of a tablet or computer. How much more portable, convenient, or cutting edge can a phone get? Studies show that smart phones and QWERTY keyboards are here to stay regardless of modern renovations.
Something else we use every day that hasn’t really been altered in years is cash and coins. Of course we have the ever so convenient debit card, but cash will always remain the most anonymous and trusted form of payment. Barter is still practiced in some smaller civilizations, and credit or debit cards are available pretty much anywhere although ATM and bank account fees are a pain. Paper and metal money are pretty much expected to stay.

Computers are always going to further exist in the modern day world we live in. Computers have taken over so many manual jobs and have made life so much easier. Varying in size, function and portability, computers are being renovated and improved every single day. You can purchase tablet computers, “clamshell” laptops computers and the original desktop. As desktops become less popular and touch screens take over, laptops will probably stay very popular due to their conveyable model.


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