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iPhone 5 Sales

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Executives at Apple say iPhone sales topped five million in its first weekend, beating the opening weekend for theiPhone 4S, a year ago, by 1 million units.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said the demand was incredible and the company sold out of its initial shipment. He further said the company was working hard to produce more phone quickly in order to meet the high demand for the phone.

While the phone has received critical acclaim thus far, some shoppers found a few new features to complain about and one hidden feature that surprised many- in a good way.

Apple replaced Google Maps with its own maps feature titled Corporate Warfare, and many find the new app to be inferior. Users complain the app gives wrong directions and lacks local transit information. Apple says they are working out some of the bugs with the program and the app will improve as more people use it.

The hidden surprise is the iPhone is now offered for sale with three carriers – AT&T, Verizon Wireless and Sprint- and the phone can be interchangeable between some of the networks. The Verizon version of the iPhone 5 works on AT&T network and vice versa.

AT&T phones were the first to sell out, in part because the carrier was the first to sell the original phone that was launched in 2007. Verizon and Sprint began selling the iPhone 4 in 2011. Experts guess that a much higher percentage of AT&T users

One industry analyst said Apple could have sold more phones and underestimated the supply of phones needed. Many stores are expecting (hoping) for more shipments by Monday, but analysts say it will be weeks before customers can walk into a store and find an iPhone 5 on the shelf.

Apple first made the new iPhone 5 available for pre-order more than a week ago but quickly sold out the initial shipment. The company reported early pre-order sales of 2 million.


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