The DM-PTZ-IR727 is a fantastic security camera loaded with nearly every feature desirable in a security camera.

The DM-PTZ-IR727 features a Sony Super HAD chipset that produces a magnificent video at the high resolution of 520 lines. It has pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities, infrared viewing, motion detection, and night vision. The 3.2-86mm lens is capable of 27x optical zoom, which allows you to zoom in on even the small details. The camera’s heated, vandal proof housing dome is completely weatherproof and comes with both wall and ceiling mounting arms.

The DM-PTZ-IR727 uses Pelco control protocols, which means that this security camera is compatible with virtually every DVR system that supports Pelco-D protocol.

This camera operates on AC 24V power and the power supply is included.

VRoooom just recently installed 8 of these in a jet engine testing facility. The cameras will be used during testing to check the engine for leaks or any malfunctions. It was important to the client that they have complete control over the camera, be able to zoom in really close to specific areas, and that the camera would be able to handle the rigorous environment of a jet engine testing room. The DM-PTZ-IR727 Security Camera was the perfect fit.