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Google Apps for Businesses Is No Longer Free

The media giant Google announced today their “Google Apps for Businesses” must now be purchase for $50 a year. The services will include email, a calendar and an online “office suite,” which should host a number of helpful applications to run a business.  Users will...

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Are You Upgrading To Windows 8?

Microsoft’s new operating system is a big improvement over Windows 7, and is evident almost as soon as you turn on your PC. The boot process is much faster now than previous incarnations of the OS.  We estimate almost 50 percent faster, taking an average of 15 seconds...

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Discover New Websites!

One of the best qualities of the internet is how fast it changes.  Websites and apps users find endearing one day could be a rarely used site in just a year’s time.  Here are a few new sites that Vroooom Web thinks will become popular soon: Unsubscribr is a website...

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iPhone 5 Sales

Executives at Apple say iPhone sales topped five million in its first weekend, beating the opening weekend for theiPhone 4S, a year ago, by 1 million units. Apple CEO Tim Cook said the demand was incredible and the company sold out of its initial shipment.  He further...

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Bigger And Better Things With The iPhone 5!

Apple unveiled a bevy of new updates and products last week including the highly anticipated iPhone 5.  Here is what you need to know: First, Apple made a few updates to the classic iPhone design to make their new phone stand out from its predecessors.  The iPhone 5...

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