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The Privacy of the Internet

The Internet has proven to be one of mankind’s greatest inventions in the 20th century. It takes communication to a whole different level of improvement, erases physical barriers on both a local and global level and expands our education and knowledge in almost...

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Vroooom And Mobile Web Design

The Internet is changing. While web development is still primarily focused on creating sites that work well for desktop and notebook paradigms, mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets are taking over. It is a trend that show no signs of slowing, and there are...

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Addicted to the Internet

Internet addiction is one of the fastest growing and largest addictions in America.  Social media networking and media streaming are some of the major culprits and reasons why Americans are averaging more hours than ever staring into the computer screens.  While the...

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Facebook’s Graph Search Similar to AOL

Facebook has now created Graph Search a service to help users find anything through Facebook such as updates, photos, and more similar to AOL’s program. Back in the dial-up days AOL was king, and internet users had to pay a monthly fee. Facebook can be compared to...

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Google Apps for Businesses Is No Longer Free

The media giant Google announced today their “Google Apps for Businesses” must now be purchase for $50 a year. The services will include email, a calendar and an online “office suite,” which should host a number of helpful applications to run a business.  Users will...

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