Double M Marketing Advertising Services

unnamedDouble M Marketing Advertising Services is a traditional advertising agency, offering 25+ years in traditional media advertising. Its founder Dave Nahley is a second generation broadcaster that has worked in sales and sales management in Radio, Broadcast TV and Cable TV Advertising. He has a proven ability to create ad campaigns “off line” that get results for his clients and come in under budget. Double M Marketing is also well versed in Outdoor billboard advertising and all things print; Direct Mail, Magazine and Newspaper. Dave’s experience and expertise in creating “call to action” marketing campaigns and rate negotiation offers to any business the creative edge it needs to stay ahead of the competition.

Microsoft Silverlight

By establishing a partnership with Microsoft® to build powerful and visually appealing applications, VRoooom Technology is placing itself among the top web solution providers. We continue to search for new ways to provide the strongest and most up-to-date tools to manage businesses, attract customers, and send their message to the world. Silverlight™ is quickly becoming an accepted alternative to other leading rich media applications. This doesn’t mean we exclusively provide Silverlight™ as our rich media solution; Flash® isn’t going anywhere. However, if you want to join the companies that are embracing a new and exciting technology then we are here to help! The world-wide web is growing by leaps and bounds daily, and we are here to help you see your alternatives. While the reach of Silverlight™ isn’t as wide as applications that have been around for years, in only three years it has grown to be accepted by large companies as its rich media solution. Netflix® uses Silverlight™ to stream its movies to your computer, a large part of the company’s promise to its customers. Other companies are using the same powerful technology to provide charting, reports, interactive form processing, portfolio and gallery applications. Talk to us today about building you a powerful web site including the power of Microsoft® Silverlight™.

USC College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences

We are proud to announce we are partners with the University of Southern California College of Letters, Arts and Sciences. We will be utilizing the web services provided by the GIS Labs of USC to accomplish geocoding on our products. Geocoding is the use of information such as addresses to locate a point on a map. We use this technology to build locale identities, interact with other applications such as Google® Maps™, and to aid in the filling out of forms. This is a wonderful addition to the set of tools we use to help our clients give all of the information they need to on their websites. We thank USC for their contribution to the technology community, and hope we can use their tools to help you with your business needs. To learn more about what the USC College of Letters, Arts & Sciences offers, click here!