Sometimes questions arise and we want to make sure you are covered. You have questions, we have answers. Here are some FAQs!

What is Vroooom Technology?

Vroooom was launched in 1999 as a result of the general industry creating fragmented corporate web sites and intranets. Every firm had a specialty, whether it was design, marketing, programming, or hosting, each company had their niche and all of them were involved in one web project. As you can remember, chaos and blame ensued since all these firms had to work together and the client didn’t know how to manage this new type of technology project.

Vroooom was created to transform those fragmented web companies into departments under one company. By changing this model, we have been able to completely assist our clients with their web design, development, marketing, support, and software projects.

These services are offered in combination so our clients have a knowledgeable consultant to help focus and centralize their needs. We provide an integrated, timely, cost-effective solution for your web design and technology projects.

How do I get my own web address ( and email set up?

Just email us the web address you would like and your email addresses and we will let you know if the name is available. We will setup your address and up to 20 emails for $15 and $9.95 per month. You can sign up by clicking here.
You do not have to purchase any other services with us to get started.

What screen resolution do you design websites for?

5 years ago, most websites were designed fo 800 x 600 resolution. However, a recent survey done of over 12 million web users found that only .91% of all internet users were still using a computer monitor with that low of a resoultion. Out of the 12 million internet users that were surveyed, approximately 93% of them were using a monitor with a resolution of 1024 x 600 or higher, excluding mobile browsers, so this has become the new standard.
Developing a mobile website for smaller browsers is the best way to provide an optimal viewing experience for every visitor to your website.
Some of our clients have dictated that we design for a certain resolution based on their target audience, whether it is more or less advanced than the general Internet public. In those cases we provide ample explanations and accessible downloads to assist everyone in viewing the web site optimally.

What browsers do you design for?

We typically develop website for Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari. Those four browsers consistently rank as the most used browsers. Android, Opera, and Blackberry a next in line with a very small fraction of users (percentage wise).
We do create web sites that are compatible with every browser, but with each benefit comes a limitation. For instance, if you want a web site that contains the latest features and functionalities, then it will have to be developed with language compatible with the latest browsers and possibly not compatible with earlier versions.

What tools do you use?

We are not limited to industry tools, and we’ve even developed some tools of our own for building website applications and streamlining marketing efforts. Adobe products take care of our heavy work in regards to photo editing, design, video production, flash, and visual effects. We have a vast array of marketing report tools and optimization analysis tools. Our developers use an array of their personalized tools, mostly text editors, to develop HTML, PHP, and .NET code.

What is your workflow progress?

Due to our high volume of work and desire of building the best web sites, we have used a true-tested production model to keep your costs down, productivity high, and talent enriched for your project. For example, our process for a web site design/development project would be:
We have to understand your business, your target audience and your preferences. Our Web Site Worksheet will help you determine that.
After receiving your initial contact e-mail, we will call you to gain a complete understanding of your requirements and goals.
After our initial scope meeting, we will submit our proposal and explain how we set our price. Each module and/or service is line-itemed so you have complete control over your project.
Once you accept the proposal and payment arrangements, we go to work.
The first step is the creation of initial designs and/or software flowchart. We usually create 2-3 designs and various color variations so you have a variety of web designs from which to choose.
You can select an initial design that weve created or request changes. Any changes at this point are at no additional charge to you.
This process continues until you are completely satisfied with the design. Upon approval, we will begin to convert the design into workable web pages.
After the design is approved, our programmers will begin working on any applications that you need. For example, you might need an e-commerce application or a client web site for faster communication.
During this process and after the project is complete, you will have the ability to preview your project by logging into our Client Control Panel.
At completion, we setup a final meeting to discuss the site and to make sure with you that everything is perfect. We either launch the site at your approval, or make any minor fixes and go live at that time.
Final payment is submitted after the site is live on the internet. Your approval and site launch mark as your final acceptance of the project. In most cases, we then move into hosting your site and internet marketing.
After final payment is received, you may request to receive all the files and code on a CD or we will upload the entire site to your server for backup.

Do you host websites?

Yes, we do. We’ve been hosting sites for over 9 years now. We also host software and 3rd party applications. Clients also use us to store important data offsite or use us as an offsite IT department where we house their servers on our premises.

What search engines do you submit to?

After the web site development is finished, we optimize the site so that it can communicate with all search engines. The two major search engines that have the largest user bases are Google & Bing, and the largest directory is Yahoo… in that order. Our marketing methods enable your site to go out to all current major search engines using a manual and custom-automated process. Read more about the Search Engine Optimization process over in our Marketing section.

Can you write the text/copy for my web site?

We usually work off of all your current marketing materials and edit that content so it is presentable for the web. However, we offer writing and editing services if needed. We highly recommend that our clients take initiative and write their own content for their websites. Websites that are updated often with new content will always do better in search engines than websites that don’t update as often.

Do you assign a project manager to supervise the development of a project.

Yes. Our project management style is slightly different than what you’re used to in order to keep costs down, but it is effective. We have learned that many project quality control members are better than one project manager so your project goes through levels of scrutiny from different backgrounds so we can see everything.
Don’t worry, you will only have one project contact person and the owners of Vroooom are always available if you need to go straight to the top.

What are your payment terms?

We require between 30% – 50% deposit to start working. The remaining payments are either paid a certain project milestones or upon completion.
After we have agreed on all details, we will either create an online payment form through which you can pay with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) or we will mail an invoice.
If you are uncomfortable with providing your credit card information online, you can also call us or wire transfer the money directly to our account.

What is your policy regarding changes/revisions?

We try include all changes during the initial development contract as long as those changes are done within our initial time estimate. Extra Fees are usually a result of a change in project scope so whenever those situations arise, we clearly redefine the scope and terms of the project so we can move toward completion. We also ask for certain approvals at stages of development in order for us to move into the next phase of development. Once these approvals are made by you and we have to go back to start over, then our hourly rate applies. We’ve rarely had to charge hourly for this situation in the history of our Company! We provide amply time and apply many changes during each phase of development so you feel thoroughly comfortable moving forward.

Whose copyright is the site once it's complete?

Once your site is finished and paid in full, it is all yours. There may be occasions that your site will use a piece of software or application that we have spent tens or hundreds of hours creating and in those cases you are granted a perpetual license to use that software, but not to resell it. These applications will be identified in our first meetings.

I need to hire Vroooom NOW! How do I start?

Basically, we need to know what you need. There are several ways to contact us and share your requirements and specifications with us:
If you need a web site, this is a good place to start: Website worksheet.
If your project is more complex or you don’t have time now in filling out long forms, you can also contact us here: General contact