Search Engine Optimization

VRoooom Web is the leading SEO company in Columbus, with clients throughout the United States and around the world. Our SEO campaigns have proven highly successful in driving organic traffic to websites using very precise methods and techniques. No short cuts are taken when it comes to the Search Engine Optimization of your website.

When it comes to internet marketing, there are many companies that claim to provide a magic trick when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). They charge you a ridiculous price, never tell you what they’re doing, and drive virtually no profound results. There are no magic tricks, but results are what we specialize in, and we don’t mind being transparent with all of the work that goes into a good SEO and SEM plan.

Long-Term Performance: Organic SEO vs Pay-Per-Click

Below is a visual graph that depicts the long-term organic cost per conversion versus pay-per-click. You’ll notice that while there is an investment that must be made on the front-end, the cost to increase organic traffic heavily outweighs the long-term benefits of pay-per-click, which has no long-term positive change on your investment.

Understanding SEO

There are several aspects to developing a good Search Engine Optimization strategy for a website. Trying to drive organic traffic using just one method does not work. Think of it more like an SEO machine, made up of several dynamic parts. Leaving just a single SEO component out of the equation can lead to a poorly functioning SEO machine. Some of the parts are found in the design, some in the technical level and functionality. Some methods require on-going updates and additional content being added on a regular basis. Do not fret. We are experts on this, and we’re here to help.

VRoooom starts the SEO process using very basic SEO techniques implemented on the front-end, including meta tags, unique page titles, header tags for content, alt tags on images, proper image file names, keyword analysis, well-developed content, proper .htaccess file setup, redirects, and much more. This is the basic foundation of Search Engine Optimization.

After the basic SEO methods are in place, we move on to some of the more advanced techniques like on-going keyword analysis, search engine trends, your competitor’s trends, site strengths and weaknesses, setting up social networking, and more. As a leading professional SEO company, VRoooom’s focus is to constantly be increasing traffic to your website.

The final level of SEO is more dynamic. These are things that must be done on a frequent basis, and they include methods such as developing a company blog, company press releases, managing social networking content, quality network links, and more.

This final level is where results really start to show, and where traffic gains are most noticeable. This is because new content is being added for search engines to capture, proving that your site is fresh, functional, and up-to-date on search engines.

If you are looking for a professional SEO company in Columbus, then you have come to the right place. VRoooom Web has developed hundreds of excellent SEO plans for companies in Columbus, Georgia, and around the entire United States. We even have some great success stories overseas and abroad.