Email Marketing

When you consider the cost of postage these days, it is easy to see why email marketing is leading the way in being the vehicle in which customers, or potential customers, are now contacted. Email marketing is easy and is of great value, which produces excellent ROI.

Another great feature that email marketing provides is detailed information regarding those receiving and opening the emails. No more guessing if your efforts are working or wondering if your postcard just got thrown in the garbage. Now you can see who is receiving your emails, who is opening them, and even what they are viewing inside of the email. This helps take the guess work out of any future email campaigns that you may want to send.

VRoooom offers only the highest standard when it comes to email marketing designs and quality email campaigns. Our professional email marketers use clean, crisp designs that are proven to drive people to your website from the email.

Once an email campaign is sent, we can view and use the data to help strategize the next email marketing campaign.

For instance, an email campaign was recently sent out for a homebuilder in Florida. The email contained several special incentives for new home buyers. After the email was sent out, email trends were reviewed, and it became very apparent that the golf membership special was the most popular incentive. That information was then able to be capitalized on for future campaigns, and proved to be extremely successful.

What will you capitalize on?