Review Review Review is a new free service that allows you to post professional business listings for your company or brand. One of the great benefits of Thumb Tack is that, not only is it free, but it’s also built on an extremely clean platform, and offers a user-friendly layout.

If I had to compare it to another internet service, I would say that it has some of the offerings as Yellow Pages online, mixed with a bit of Craig’s List. It differs from Yellow Pages because it’s a free service, and it differs from Craig’s List because it’s not full of garbage and has a very nice, user-friendly layout.

Along with the ability to post services your business offers, you can also request services, build a contacts list of other businesses on Thumb Tack, and track the visitors to your listings.

You also have the ability to add photos, videos, announcements, widgets and printable flyers to your listings and your profile.

Our Thumb Tack add can be viewed here.


  • web design says:

    Good blog post and decent site template design. I am more into web design. Nonetheless, would check back again soon!

  • Bob says:

    Sure, Thumbtack’s emails say the leads are free. But in reality they aren’t. I would need to pay $8.99 for every lead I respond to – Not the sales I get, but just to respond to the lead. And, there is no way to tell if the leads are real or fictional. If real I would end up paying about $100 for each $300 sale I made. This pricing is way out of line.

  • DJ Eazy says:

    Thumbtack is fraud and when I am done, will no longer exsist. I unsubcribe over two months ago, but they still has the name of my business and placement listed under there search result, which could only be done by Ad words. Here is the search link they have up and what it says.

    A Family Affair DJ Services – A Family Affair DJ Service – Buford, GA
    Request a quote A Family Affair DJService • Buford, GA • $75-100 per hour. You’ll be asked a few quick questions that will help describe your needs.

    Now you tell me, how do you trust a company like this

  • Billy says:

    It provides leads, and with a degree of alteration and clarity on ‘lead’ charges, should eventually be a good service for small businesses to post in. For instance, if you teach guitar lessons, part of the way they charge for a lead could easily and legally be misunderstood and you could be charged for each lesson you give to one client. The company chose not to clarify this upon my request. I had to refuse leads because I did not know how much I was going to pay. I was advised to discontinue the service to preserve good standing in my local community and you never know wether a ‘lead’ is good or bad. Think maybe ‘someday in the future’ on Thumbtack, but step cautiously…

  • Carrie says:

    I don’t believe the leads they send through are real. How is relatively unknown website (ask 10 of your friends if they know what Thumbtack is?) sending though a new lead everyday?
    Plus, sometimes the leads seem too good to be true…like they’ll use exact verbage from my website. I’m not buying it.

  • The service these folks provide is on a free will basis and they charge a monthly subscription fee but its flat rated at less than $20.00 a month… Less than a dollar a day and the crew at Thumbtack is professional and very attentive to any issues you may have. The leads are real and if you are used to being taken to the cleaners by other services than that’s on you, but don’t criticize or judge something till you have really tried it. Not all companies get by on scamming, these folks work late into the day and truth be told they have changed our whole business for the better. Clients are screened and service providers are put through a background check both aspects positive and the reason I will do my business with them versus others not to be named…

  • Daniel Martinez says:

    Well I did try the services but after two days – I canceld it. What was really interesting is that every lead I received was rejected. Let me explaine — when I beided the lead at a fair price – I would get a reply that the customer was not interested. When I bedided the lead low I would not even get a reply – I had two carpets jobs that I bided on and never received any reply other than the customer changed there mind. Well not to knock it but for 14.95 per monht and no gurantee of leads it was not for me. It seem like a good service but I think they should really try to get customers that are really interested in using those who pay for the service not just to inqure on a price. – Thank you.

  • Betty Gott says:

    I responded to a lead and it was accepted. After agreeing on a price and doing the work I invoiced the client. I waited. And I waited. 2 1/2 months have passed after sending the invoice twice and contacting Thumbtack numerous times. I have not YET received payment. Thumbtack FINALLY sent me an email saying they were having a hard time connecting with the client. All they said was that they have disabled her account because she hasn’t paid. What recourse do I have? I’m at their mercy! I cannot trust Thumbtack and therefore will do no more business with them.

  • wolflovesmoon says:

    i don`t think this service is real, i`ve paid twice to get a project, knowing that the other part will have to choose the best price, etc, but those people don`t even respond to your e-mails, i believe its a scam, yeah 3.99 may sound like nothing, but if thousands of people are paying it, that`s a lot of money, i am going to cancel

  • Dl says:

    I’m actually about to cancel my subscription. Out of the 6 months of membership and responding to bids on almost a daily basis, I’ve actually only performed ONE job! I feel that for the most part the leads are true leads but I also feel that people going on Thumbtack to look for services are also looking for the lowest price service provider not and not as much as quality. I’m a true professional in my field and very competitively priced, my website and my response to all leads is very professional. You can pay extra to have all your credentials verified, like license etc.Which I’ve done. So if your looking to build your business it’s a good place to find clients but not necessarily for people that are willing to pay top dollar for services, so in a way it is like craigslist.

  • Caryn Llewellyn says:

    We have a carpet business & tried Thumbtack. Sorry to have wasted so much time and shifting money back & forth. After all of the time etc. to set up the “free” acct. we found that in order to procure any of the “leads” we must pay a fee. What happened to “free”? When none of the leads were accepted, I complained and we got our money back. But now they have our acct. information. So we closed the acct. and had to open a new one (bank acct.).

    We got approximately 4 leads per year. Such a waste of time and quite insulting to be taken advantage of. So, I deleted the acct., that was months ago, now we get the occasional job offer for services we don’t offer…frustrating.

    So I just “re-deleted” the acct. and told them if I receive one more job offer from them, I’ll contact BBB. Should’ve done that already. Unless you have money to throw away, don’t bother with this company, it’s a sham! Someone sitting behind a desk soaking in $ for nothing.

  • Yucel says:

    I get a huge number of very dodgy seeming leads, which require me to provide a meaningless quote, in order to contact a seemingly interested potential client… and, I have to pay to provide this quote.

    Anyone, willing to provide contact details about a good experience w thumbtack, w a business which can be verified, will love to hear from you

  • Steve says:

    : I have been on Thumbtack now for over a year. I have had many leads. The first lead I had was a guy in NYC looking to get his bathroom remodeled. As soon as I walked in the door I realized this was a phoney lead it was just so obvious. It was the middle of NYC upper east side top real estate in NYC.. there was some in kid in there telling me ” yea I just want my bathroom remodeled .. just give me your cheapest price get some stuff from the Home Depot….. seriously if Thumbtack has to stage leads I think they should make them more realistic… I think it was just an introduction to make me try and believe in this whole thing. Anyway since then every lead I recieved maybe 20-30 ( i stopped counting) seemed to be nonexistent people never returned message so I had to constantly get my money refunded. The last lead I got was another person IN NYC telling me they had a condo in NYC and they wanted it renovated. Of course I checked out the address and found out the person did not even own it…Lol.. You Know what? Maybe Thumbtack should hire me at least I can stage these phoney leads and make them more realistic

  • James Palton says:

    Here’s an interesting article about Thumbtack. This company has 5.7 million dollars in total funding and has Jason Calacanis as an investors. They must be pissed. Shame on you Thumbtack

  • Skip Hempsey says:

    I have to say that we have had the exact opposite experience with Thumbtack. We chose the pay per lead option, so we can review the lead before spending any money. We generally get the right type of leads, not always leads we want to respond to, but we don’t pay for them.

    We got a super lead (cost us $1.99) for a decent size job that has since been done and paid for and we just did another job for that new client. We also just got small job for this week through Thumbtack.

    We are an established company but anytime we can get a new client for a couple bucks…we’ll take it!

  • Tyrone Steele says:

    I’m not really interested in paying a fee for each lead. Granted, only $3/lead. But I’d rather they charge me for securing the job instead. There’s no way to know if the leads are worth my money.

    So, thanks, Thumbtack, for telling me it was free when it clearly is NOT.

  • thomas margotta says:

    thumbtack is a scam.

  • Jason king says:

    Since joining thumbtack nearly when it first started I’ve generated new business. I get atleast one new client once a month. I’m very satisfied with thumbtack and had to turn down leads because I’m to busy. I’ve tried other sources of marketing and even pay 80 a month for local results and I’ve seen nothing from them. Thumbtack had helped my business grow and I can’t complain. No contracts or monthly payments. Yes your competing with others but always have your phone with you because you never know when someone is going to need your device. Those who say the thumbtack is a joke, I say your loss. Me and other trainers are always competing to who can get the lead first. It’s a gamble but worth every penny. Thx thumbtack!

  • Mark Laing says:

    I did actually book one wedding (for videography) through thumbtack this year which got me all excited. My website is mainly still pix but I now do a lot of videography as well. Since then I went to the pay for lead service…no luck then did the “unlimited leads” service and was equally disappointed. I tried to cancel my account but can’t get them to answer emails or phone calls over the last few days. So I guess I’ve lost my money. I have gone from being a mild skeptic to believing is a scam. is definitely disreputable if only for the lack of response never mind the bad leads. Folks shopping on Thumbtack are like dumpster divers…just looking for cheap stuff and no matter how low you bid it seems “someone else” always seems to win the bid. I assume the FCC or Better Business Bureau will get on to them in the end and close them down. For now I’d say save your money since is surely a ripoff. IMHO.

  • stephen says:

    I had the subscription for a month and of all the leads i responded and placed quotes..I received not ONE job. Even when I low balled myself..even when I bidded on jobs in my hometown I still did not get the job .Its obviously a scam… I switched to gigmasters..been there a month and already got two paying jobs..I will be deleting my thumbtack account entirely.

  • john says:

    Thumbtack is an absolute waste of time the customers waste your time asking questions about your service once you do the job they complain on line thumbtack does not back you up taking their every word though they are lies.

    Do not waste your money advertising with them

  • BG says:

    I had the subscription for a month too, and I had a lot of leads but did not receive any jobs.
    And every time i had to submit a quote i had to paid $1.99 but nobody call me, regarding the job, if I request more info I never got it!
    I stopped using this site inmediately!

  • John Stecich says:

    I paid for the month of the December to January and know they charged me for another month. Ive tried to reach them via there support but no answer so far and i must say that there leads are bogus. There not even close to where i live on Cape Cod Mass and not one lead has returned my call or message . I defitnetly am canceling my subscription an if i were you i would not go with this company I think it is a scam!!

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